Here's Your Sign

I do not believe in "signs".

Maybe I should. It didn't bother me when my field trip registration came back to me in the mail. I just took it back to the field-trip coordinator's house and that was that.

The field trip was to the production of "The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus"...fun right? Great way to kick of the Christmas season with your kids right? wrong Normally field trip day is the day I can get the kids excited about getting out of the house on time. Not so today. We were supposed to be downtown at 8:30 a.m. sharp. We were supposed to leave no later than 8:00 a.m. We were supposed to have a great day. {insert crack of thunder & flash of lightening here}

My almost 4 in 12 days year old was not supposed to wake up with a wheezing episode. We were late leaving...very late leaving.

We get to the theater and there aren't any seats with our group. No problem, we'll find a spot big deal. Well we found a spot off to the side where I could keep the stroller with us :). Tickets $24...parking meter $2.50...we settle into our seats...lights dim...children squeal with delight...play starts...baby begins to scream...

He didn't stop either. It was off and on like some one had installed "the clapper" in my precious baby boy. He finally was so worked up I began to sweat and wonder who's gonna fuss more when I tell them we have to leave...the screaming baby or the almost 4 in 12 days year old...not to mention having to deal with the utter disappointment it will bring to my oldest. Poor kid.

...having to leave the theater with screaming kids in cute Christmas outfits without seeing the whole play that I paid for...priceless

So I'm wrestling my octo-baby praying for a miracle and debating on whether or not I need to just blow the whistle and high tail it outta there when this grinch-er-this other mommy came up to me and chided me for having a crying baby & for allowing him to disturb their play experience. Have pity woman! Can you not see the spot I'm in? Have you not worn these shoes before? How could you? Aren't we on the same team? geesh

(Disclaimer: I do not advocate or practice taking toddlers anywhere quieter than say Chuck-E-Cheese if it can be avoided. However, there was not an age limit on who could attend. Also, the theater was full of lower elementary kids, it was by no means quiet. I did in fact hear a couple of other babies crying too...maybe not as loud as mine, but crying nonetheless.)

So out of the theater we go, up the very long aisle, feeling the stares of hundreds of children, their teachers, and mommies. I should have done the beauty queen wave as I marched out with my tearful children.

Miracle on Joachim Street

So we head out to the car and somewhere in the theater we drop baby Will's "snuggie". I am going back in there for anything...period. So as we were going to the car, we pass the box office and I said, "Let's go in here a second, maybe they can hold snuggie for us if they find it." Well Andrew keeps going and I call to him and he darted into the street! This traffic cop grabbed him as I screamed his name and he was kept safe from the truck that crossed the intersection the next second. I almost had a heart attack there on the spot.

You have my attention Lord!

Okay, so what's really important? We are all safe.

We make it to the car and the baby stops crying. I start loading in 3 children, misc items/bags, and the stroller. While I'm doing this it starts raining.

Are you kidding?

I get in the car embarrassed, emotionally exhausted, and wet. We start home. A few miles down the road we pass a Chick-Fil-A and they go, "Can we go to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, pllleeeaaaasssseee!?!?"

Phone rings.
It's my husband.
Me: Hello?
Michael: Hey! I was just calling to see how its going!