Patience Is A Virtue

So winter is with us and will be for a while longer.  Not that I'm tired of it, I'm not, I've enjoyed this sweater weather season.  However.  I am longing for the days when my hands can once again be in my own parcel of sod.  
It is indeed a virtue.
So when I saw these little treasures, on clearance for under a buck at Lowe's, I snagged them post haste.

These humble pods hold great promise!

All they need is a home.  
A lovely place to put down roots and
bloom where they are planted.
How about a piece of my milk glass collection?

There you go.  And look at you all!  
Such eager beavers!  
Showing off your new green right out of the bag!

 You have a lot to live up to!

There they are, nestled on a bed of pea gravel, ready to go.

This is where it starts to get hard.

Covered up and ready for a drink.


Here it is.  The hard part.

And now we wait.

And we're waiting.

While we wait, why not put in a few more?
The more the merrier. 

Here's to the waiting.
Wait for the Lord. 
Be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord.
Psalm 27:14