the weather was so bad today even the homeschool kids stayed home

Not the book.

This little gadget!

Reading timers! LOVE them!
(I got one for each of my readers at Borders using my 25% teacher discount
 AND the 33% coupon they emailed me.  Score!)

This is Jack doing a worksheet for Saxon Math.  He loves it!  This one actually revealed a cool pattern showing us the relationship between numbers in a certain fact family.
I must say, I like 4th/5th grade math much more now than when I was in 4th/5th grade.


(Isn't he cute!  The cuteness quotient in our gene pool is astronomical!)

Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day!

Andrew.  Reading.
That's a good book by the way.

I couldn't pass this one up.
Somebody strongly dislikes being called cute.

But.  He is.