I just hung up my sweater that I wore Sunday to church and all day. I was turning it right side out and had part of it under my chin while I untwisted it and convinced it to go on the hanger.  Call me Grace.  Anyway, my sweater smelled good, like a perfume that wasn't mine.  

At church I got a few hugs and I guess the scent of the perfumes of a couple of friends rubbed off on me.  I could smell the faintest hint of my cologne but it was definitely not the same after mixing with my friends'.  It smelled really good and I took another long, deep sniff. 

Friend encounters mean so much to me, I crave them.  The comraderie, connection, and just being known and knowing others I love it.  We were made for it.  

I'm just marinating in some things I heard, saw, and read this weekend.  It's a good time for soaking up the truths and purging the lies. 

I don't farm, don't have livestock, haven't ever lived the farm life.  I do think it would be ridiculously difficult to harness an animal that resists, runs off, or somehow positions himself against the farmer.  I know this because I have 3 boys and they do this to me and their Daddy.  I have also seen an animal yield and willingly take his master's harness. 

Why do I, we, fight the Jesus's light yoke and shared burden?  Why do I, we, willingly stand still while the enemy puts a bit in our mouth?  Why do we stick our heads through the enemy's harness without flinching?  Why do we do hard labor for the one who is against us? 

It is for freedom we have been set free. 

Stand firm!  Never again let yourself be yoked into slavery again!  

(Galatians 5:1, I paraphrased.) 

Jesus, your burden is easy and your harness is light.  You didn't deliver me and leave me, you offer freedom! 

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me. 

Take me deeper than my feet could dare to wander, and my faith would be made stronger in the presence of my Savior. 

I will call upon your name.
Keep my eyes above the waves 
when oceans rise. 
My soul will rest in your embrace.
You are mine. 
I am yours. 
(Oceans Rise ~ Hillsong)

It is a sweet thing when you can still smell the perfume of the one you spent time with.  I am His. He is mine.