Throw Back Thursday

It's TBT.  You know, "Throw Back Thursday".  I don't know if I've ever really participated other than once or twice.  I only had a couple of oldies to throw back to; or so I thought.  

The other day I dusted behind the desktop mac and saw our external drive sitting there...unplugged...quietly holding all of our throwback treasures.  So I plugged her in, made some coffee, took a deep breath, and prepared myself for a sentimental journey. (Cue the band Les...)

Sure enough, there were our treasured family pictures, favorite songs, and even some things I'd written from my heart.  Here I give you my TBT, way back to 7 years and 11 months ago. 

Pretty Fingernails
Wendy Hogan
May 15, 2006

I just did my nails two days ago, they are already a mess.  I have always wanted perfectly manicured hands and nails like movie stars and models, princesses and popular girls.  This is an elusive dream!  No sooner than the polish dries and I am manicured and all lotioned up and feeling like a pampered princess, a voice calls out, “Mommy, will you come paint with me?”  How can I refuse?  Then my slightly stained fingers and hands are called to action again, “Mommy, come pitch to me…PLEASE!”  I hardly ever say no.  So after a few grounders and a chip or two, I’m back inside with dinner on the stove.  There’s always a stubborn jar that breaks a nail here, or a broken nail there from pulling regular twin sheets on an extra long twin bed.  So now, gazing at my hands, my manicure is only a memory.  My pretty hands and nails are chapped from washing hands and dishes, chipped from playing ball or digging in the dirt, stained with paints and markers, and uneven from being used like tools.  Maybe when I hold my children’s hands they will feel secure and safe and won’t feel the dryness of my skin.  Maybe when my fingers tickle them and make them squeal with delight, they won’t mind the chipped polish here and there.  Maybe when I bathe them at night, and tuck them in tight they won’t notice my broken nails in the night light.  Maybe at the end of our day my husband will hold my hand in his (as if I were a Princess-like Cinderella) and not notice all the wear and tear.  Well, I can always have nice hands and nails when the children are grown and gone on their way.  My mother’s hands are prettier now than ever!  Come to think of it, her hands always were pretty, in a wonderful kind of way.  For now, I think I’ll get pedicures instead!

Reading these words is like connecting with an old friend and a new one at the same time.  I've got a lot more mom-time logged and could share a thing or two with this girl. But.  It occurs to me that I can learn from her too.  She stopped more than I do now.  Days are fleeting and really are that vapor of wonder.  Seize the day y'all. 

Young mom, I see you.  It's a treat to have some girl time isn't it.  I pray you have those times sprinkled in at just the best time.  I pray you hold your coffee and drink in His peace after a night of endless interrupted...or no sleep. (I'm on NO sleep Jerry!)  

I pray your Beloved holds your hand and you hold his back. Manicured or not, those hands are beautiful.  

Maybe take in a gel mani/pedi for Mother's Day too.  We've come a long way baby since 2006. 

Pictures from spring/summer 2008.