Episode 7 of The Better Part Podcast with Jamie Ivey

Have you met Jamie?  You really should!

Jamie and her husband, Aaron, have four great kids and they live in Austin, TX.  She is just the best fun to hang out with and I loved getting to spend time with her.  Her dynamic joy, authenticity, and knack for intentional living are what caught my attention.  I first met Jamie in Austin, TX last January where she was the MC for the Noonday Collection conference.  It was just a brief hello at a conference, but I just knew she had a story.  This year it has been so fun to read her family's story over on her blog at jamieivey.com as well as get to listen to her podcast, The Happy Hour.   (You can connect with Jamie on FacebookTwitter, & Instagram.)

Listen, this girl is just like us, extraordinarily ordinary!  I believe all of us have a story worth sharing and Jamie's is one of adventure, faith, intentionality, steady onwardness, and fun.  Jamie's heart is to encourage women and I know you'll find that here in her story.

In this episode we talk about...

On her show, Jamie asks her guests to list 3 things their into and I turned the table on her here.  She's digging Last Man Standing on Hulu (I held my tongue and was NOT a spoiler.)  Taking things off or out or something like that, from what she puts on herself...basically she's making an effort to use cleaner products, like Beauty Counter makeup.  The notebooks from May Designs are another favorite thing of hers; I'm partial to their Noonday designs!  She kindly threw out a bonus favorite and that's her dress from Lula Roe

A shared pastime we are into is reading.  I've rediscovered reading this summer!  Listen, with three kids, for the longest time I have been reading stuff from the kids section of the library.  I remember how excited I was when my first tween found the kid lawyer books by John Grisham.  Need a rec for a book report?  I'm your girl.  But this summer I crossed the hall and got back into the grown up side of the library!  I don't have time to waste on a dud so I asked Jamie what she'd been reading, here's a few she's turned the pages of.

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Thanks for listening!