Day 2 #write31days: finished and done

My fingertips and thumbs are crusted over with Gorilla Glue super-glue gel. 
I'm 42 and cannot escape the perils of super glue.
I also peeled 2 pieces of said glue off my lower lip. 
I have no clue how that happened. 

I hope your week-end affords you the space to look back at work completed with peace.  Can't we afford grace for ourselves over any blunders and absurdities that no doubt crept in

Make space for grace, dear reader, for others and for yourself.  

This was a day The Lord made.  

I had a cafe au lait.  

I rejoiced in the cool temperatures.  

I had a phone call with a cherished friend who I shared a hard season of life in college with.  She and I alone share that season.  We laugh and love each other from a place deep within our hearts.  We laughed SO MUCH.  We talked about friends she spent time with at one of our favorite places and I truly loved knowing they were together.  It is a good feeling to miss being with people you love and have friendship with and at the same time have this deep joy knowing they were together.  

I gave thanks for work offered.  

I selected supplies, and worked with willing hands.  

As a matter of fact, as I am typing these words with Gorilla glue encrusted fingertips and thumbs, I am reminding myself that this day is indeed done and it wants to be done and rest in peace.  I will not torture this day with prolonged resuscitation attempts that cannot push back its inevitable passing.  

Rest in peace October 2, 2015.  

Tomorrow is a new day.  

Lord willing, and the Creek don't rise, I'll begin it serenely, with high spirits, unencumbered by my old nonsense. 

Day 2 of #write31days is in honor of my life friend, Jenny.  From the block.  Laughing with you today was good medicine!  It is criminal to let too many sleeps pass without that kind of medicine.  See you soon for a Sweep The Kitchen at Johnny's. 



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