you look just like your mama

I don't live where I'm from.  Back home, my Mom and Dad are in the same community that we've lived in since 1978.  It's where I'm from and it's always home.  When I go home to visit I get told at least a dozen times, "You look just like your mama!"  Even people that I haven't met before know who I belong to because it is clear and evident.  I look like my Dad too, I got his teeth and toothy grin among other traits.  But I look JUST like my mama and that's a good thing.

The more grown up I get the more I realize how much my Mom looks like Jesus.  She's not perfect but she loves others well and is always thinking of others and it guides her actions.  She has come along side many friends in good times and bad, I'm sure there's plenty of times I don't even know about too.  She's come along side families in our neighborhood and in our church and been an encouragement to them and taught us how to neighbor.  She has a knack for seeing the bigger picture and has a willingness to encourage others as they pursue their kingdom calling.  Wouldn't you want to look just like that too?!

So I've been thinking about my Mom, my own motherhood, my friends who are in various seasons of motherhood, and mothers who are nurturing their families around this country and across the world.  I'm persuaded that the adage "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." is in fact truth.  I just want to change it, redesign it, as is my bent and persuasion to do to things...I want it to be known truth that the hands that rock cradles build the world.  And if I could make it so I would have it be truth that the world we build as mothers is one that is thriving in truth and goodness and hope...that it would be a flourishing world!

I want to celebrate moms who are building a flourishing world and I want to hear how your mom is doing just that.  Many of us may not have our moms on this earth and I see you too, so tell me about a special mom in your life who is building a flourishing world!  Maybe it's your sister, an aunt, or your daughter, or a friend as close as a sister.  Let's rise up and bestow honor and praise on our moms!  

Here's what I'm thinking,  I'd like to gift 1 special mom with the Noonday Collection Mother's Day Collection of her choice to celebrate moms who are living their lives to lift others up.  Noonday's motto is

Together we are building a flourishing world where
children are cherished
women are empowered
people have jobs
and we are all connected.

Here's how the giveaway will work...

  • Follow @endyway on Instagram and follow/like The Better Part on Facebook.  
  • Tell us how your mom is building a flourishing world...is she cherishing children, empowering other women, is she partnering in dignified work with others, or is she an amazing connector!  
  • Find a picture of her and share it with your tribute on either Instagram or Facebook.  Be sure to use the tag #thebetterpart in your post! 
  • Watch for the winner announcement on Wednesday, April 20! Winner will be selected Monday, April 18. I'll post the winner here on the blog, The Better Part Facebook page, and on Instagram.

In the meantime I hope you'll make your Mother's Day gift list and shop the mystery show I have open at bit.ly/NoondayforMomandMe  The hostess rewards will be given away by drawing names from all who place an order.  With a great selection on the S A L E page and 5 Mother's Day Collections priced up to 45% off retail, it's a great time to stock up for upcoming birthdays and teacher gifts too!

I cannot wait to read all about your mamas and the ways they are building a flourishing world!  

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