some favorites for Friday

Hey, looks like we made it!  And it's a 3 day weekend to boot!  

All the people I know are shaking their heads saying, "Where did May go!"  It was indeed a vapor.  I'm standing here with one foot in "I was so busy" and "I didn't get it all done".  

So with the long weekend ahead I thought I'd share a few Friday Favorites with y'all!

First up is a B I G sale!  

For the last two years I have loved being a Noonday Collection Ambassador!  It has connected me with women in my community who want to make an impact on the lives of people around the world from our corner of the world.  That's exactly what we do too.  Every time a gal gathers her friends and family for a Noonday Collection trunk show life change is happening.  Women are encouraging each other in friendship and empowering a woman in another country at the same time!  Your order makes a big impact on the life of the artisan who handcrafted the jewelry, scarf, or purse you ordered.  So now through May 31 you can "Shop The World" on sale! 

Here's a few of my favorites! Click through the image and find your favorites too!

Next Friday Favorite is Renee Fisher's "How Dare You" blog post!  Well, first I think my favorite is her smile and those sparking eyes!  I'm new to Renee's blog and am so excited to have found her through Hope*Writers.  The times I look back on in my life that have the deep imprint of someone else's unfavorable estimation of me are the ones I wish I could do over.  What I love about this post from Renee is that she encourages us to write our own "How Dare You" statements based on God's Word and H I S estimation of who we really are.  

Next up for my Friday Favorites is this gal here, Cynthia Stuckey and her delicious Iced Coffee recipe!  Cynthia and I met at Allume last October and she is on my list of gals I wish lived down the road.  I really wish I could have had more time hanging out over some iced coffee with her too.  Because apparently our zip code is on the sun and it's hot and humid and there is no relief away from the beach and that first dip in the Gulf.  

I might lure her down with my soon to be famous Instagram beach checks. And maybe she'd make me some of her soon to be famous iced coffee. 


You can find her on Insta too @happgostuckey.  But you should definitely go ahead and make her iced coffee.  

What are you waiting for! 

Last Friday Favorite is a L O N G weekend!  

This one comes to us at a cost.  This weekend and it's BBQs and swimming and red white and blue picnics would easily traded by many for one more day with the loved one lost in the line of duty.  We appreciate and honor each man and woman who has served our country in our military to the point of laying down their lives.  

I love knowing "the rest of the story" and this link to PBS gives some history and insight on why this day was set aside as a day to honor the fallen.  I learned something new there too.  Did you know the protocol for flying our flag on Memorial day is to raise it fully momentarily and then lower it to half staff until noon.  

I'd love to see pictures of your flag if you fly one this weekend! Post it on Instagram or Facebook and use #thebetterpart so I can find it. 

Happy Friday y'all!

You're my favorite! ;