Swimming Lessons: Day 4

Fact of the Matter
It is still hot and getting hotter! I am not complaining when I say this, really, I am actually so glad it is Summer. For some reason, Winter stayed around too long, in my opinion, at the start of 2006. I remember deciding then to not complain about the heat of Summer when it did finally get hot. So, I'm not complaining, just stating the fact of the matter which is this: it is June 22, the second official day of Summer, and it is HOT.

Jack's lesson went great, once again. The class continued to review and practice the technique of the stretch and freestyle. He is improving with each day and just loves going to his lesson. I love to watch him and enjoy watching the whole class interact with each other and their teachers...er, coaches I mean. (Jack corrected me the other day and said, "Mom, they are not my teachers. Miss Brittany and Mr. Daniel are my swim Coaches.")

Mom's Day Out
After Jack's lesson ended at 10:30, I took the boys to Mom's Day Out. Sounds luxurious doesn't it? Let me explain and clarify what MDO is and is not. First, it is a misnomer; it is not a "day", it is technically 4 hours of paid childcare at a reasonable cost. Actually, if you subtract the time you loose dropping them off and the time it takes to get there for pickup, it boils down to about 3 to 3.5 hours. Second, what used to be a day I would look forward to for uninterrupted sewing, shopping, a hair cut, maybe even a pedicure has become grocery shopping, house chores, and boring errands. That's why I say it is not a luxury any more.

When was the last time you tried to grocery shop with 2 or more children? If you do this every 2 weeks or more frequently than that, then you know where I'm coming from. For those of you men or grandparents with amnesia who may read this, I dare you. I dare you to try to take 2 or more children between the ages of infancy and let's say 10 to Wal Mart with a FULL list of groceries to buy. I bet you will either: over extend yourselves with bribes; leave in exasperation with half of what is on the list and more items that were never on the list to start with; or just leave with the children and the cart stranded on the aisle where you lost your nerve, mind, and/or cool.

So, that is what MDO has become: The day I rush out to get groceries, cram a few errands in before the perishable items spoil, & hopefully pick up the kids within the 15 minutes late with no extra charge grace period.

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
Can I please move there? I wonder what the real estate market is doing in that neighborhood? If I got in I'd never leave. It is so orderly, peaceful, and
neighborly. I love Mr. Rogers' neighborhood, I love Mr. Rogers'. I was talking with my Dad one day not too long ago about Mr. Rogers'. I remember Dad saying, "He was just what goodness is." I couldn't agree more. Mr. Rogers' brings some peace into or little home most afternoons at 1:30, and helps me settle the children for their naps. The simple lessons we learn could all be Sunday School lessons if we were in church. In fact, Mr. Rogers' creates opportunities for me to bring his lessons back to lessons Jesus taught us. Simple, yet important lessons for living. Sharing, honesty, caution, curiosity, creativity, and so much more...all things Christ inspired and created for us. I really love the part of the show where Mr. McPheely would bring over a video to share with Mr. Rogers. It was always a video of how/where things are made. I know where mushrooms are grown, & how rocking horses, strollers, graham crackers, guitars, bicycles, and a lot more things are made.
"So, let's make the most of this beautiful day.
Since we're together we might as well say:
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won't you be my neighbor?
Won't you please,
Won't you please?
Please won't you be my neighbor?"
Thank you Mr. Rogers, I would like to be your neighbor!

The Evening Post
We got lucky last night and Michael brought home dinner! Tijuana Flats, aka Tortilla Flats by Jack, was our treat. It was good, very good. Dinner was followed up with bath time for the boys. That's when I clean up the kitchen and do my "Fly Lady" drill. As I was doing such, I heard stomping in the fiberglass tub, you know the sound, it echoes around the house. Then I heard Andrew wailing. Michael said he was dancing in the tub and his feet slid out from under him. This happened while Michael was drying Jack off after the water was drained from the tub. Andrew does more of that stuff than Jack did and we go from one bruise or bo-bo to the next each week with our second son. He is our wild man. I do my best to squeeze in nice pictures in between these bumps and bruises. However, if you get a picture of Andrew from us and it looks like a shadow is across his forehead, do not adjust your screen, do not assume something happened in processing the film...it is probably just another bruise.

Anyway, 3 loads of clothes (and towels folded and put away) later, all is quiet and still...at least for a half dozen hours or so.