Swimming Lessons: Day 5

Will I sink?
There he stands, poised and just inches from the edge; my little boy, just over a yard high. Then a voice calls out, "Jack, JUMP!" Once again he hesitated and stated, "I can't." Yes, he can. I have seen him jump without hesitation or worry, into the crystal blue waters of at least 3 other pools. Why the hesitation now?Could it be the awareness of his peers watching him or the unknown depth of the water? More likely it was this: in his spontaneous estimation of himself & his circumstances he concluded the task was greater than he. Did he jump? Yes, with a reassuring hand stretched up to him by his teacher, Jack leaped out and swam to Mr. Daniel and then back over to the side. I was pleased with the encouragement given by Mr. Daniel when Jack got to him. He said something like,"Jack, don't worry about how deep the water is, ok. You are only using the top part of the water anyway, alright buddy." Jack said, "Ok, yeah, I know." It made sense to him and he seemed to understand what his coach was saying. They are focusing the kids' attention on swimming on top of the water so they know they can swim anywhere. On the way home, Jack asked me, "Will I sink in the deep water?" Simple question right...it caught me off guard a little, and I didn't want to answer in a way that would make him fearful of the deep water. So, I said, "Well Jack, God made our bodies to float, so we could do things like swim. When you jump in the water, no matter how deep it is, you'll go under a little but then once you start kicking your feet and doing your arms the air inside you will help to bring you back to the top." He said, "Oh." That was that.

Still Water

Have you ever been to a swimming pool when the water was perfectly still and the surface was like glass? It almost beckons you to jump in and disturb it with ripples and splashes right? Well, the other day my friend's pool was like that after we had all gotten out. In the time it took for us to dry off, pick up the floats and toys, then get the children dressed and ready to go, the pool water had settled and became still. It looked like glass. You could see the light reflecting off of the colors of the pool liner, it looked beautiful. I think that's one reason we like to sit and just watch the water, it is beautiful whether it is still or in constant motion.

That got me thinking about something...the Beginning. I mean, The Beginning.

Genesis 1: 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

I didn't understand what that really meant until a few years ago, but understanding this gave me such a better grasp on who the Holy Spirit of God is and exactly what He does. I studied this passage in Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore. When you look up this passage and use different versions and the Hebrew Lexicon, these words that describe the Holy Spirit's role in Creation illuminate His power and role in our lives.

At first glance, I pictured this cloud just floating over water. I was wrong. The implication of these words of scripture is that the Spirit of God "energized" the waters and readied the waters to respond in obedience to the voice of God. Now, I am no theologian and am drawing out the understanding I believe to be inspired in my spirit by the Spirit. However, I know this to be true, the same Spirit of God that was the power source of Creation is alive and at work in me! That is amazing. When I give myself the time to think on that each morning before I start my day, perspective comes and I feel empowered to do all that lies ahead of me that day. Hard problems seem no match for the Spirit of God and His power. Heartaches seem healable and my purpose in lcife seems important.

So, now, even as I write I like to think of myself like that water mentioned in Genesis 1:1-2. My life, yielded and poised to respond to the voice of my Creator, energized by the power of His Spirit in me so that when He says, JUMP...I will.