Weekend Perspectives

I'm Not Where I'm Supposed to Be...
It's Sunday morning, and I'm not at church I'm at home. Why? Because I couldn't be ready on time. I was the first one up, but I could not get ready on time. Part of this is my fault because I failed to plan as well as I could have, and also just because I am the Mommy and have the responsibility of getting everyone else going in the right direction. I am not, by the way, pouting or complaining about this. It's just what is. In truth, I slept in this morning; I got up at 7:21 and should have been up at 6:21 in order to be completely ready for church on time. Anyway, 9:15 came and went and I had to make the call to send the boys on to church. So, now I sit listening to last week's sermon online. (If you want you can listen too at dayspringbc.org. By the way it is the message from Father's Day and is really, really good.--There is a great song that will make your throat get tight too.--I don't recommend opting for regular church attendance via the tube or the net, but on days when you can't get there...it's great to have this available.) And, now from where I sit, I have a great view of how it was for my Mom and Dad trying to get their brood off to church. I, like them, hoped that after a Norman Rockwell Sunday morning breakfast, each little duck would cooperatively go on its way and complete the remaining tasks of dressing for church. Did you hear that? That was my bubble bursting. Oh, the giggling? Well, that was probably my Mom and Dad.

Tell me why:

  • Children who normally wake up on their own during the week before 7:00 am, will sleep an hour later on Sunday mornings?
  • No one can find their shoes on Sunday mornings?
  • Boys who usually devour anything set before them at breakfast during the week will eat slow as sloths or not at all on Sunday mornings?
  • Grownups decide to do the ironing that should have already been done the night before on Sunday mornings?
  • The hands of the clock turn faster on Sunday mornings?
  • Alarm clocks don't go off when they were set to on Sunday mornings?
  • You never know what you want to wear on Sunday mornings?
  • Everyone's moods inside can change from sunny to thunderstorms with hail faster than the weather outside on Sunday mornings?
  • The mood/tension in the car on the way to church can make you wish you were going to have a root canal instead of to church on Sunday morning?
  • When you finally get to church you can't just slip in quietly because everyone you know is there to see you come in late and asks "How are you doing?"... and the last thing you want to say is the truth so you just say "fine" with a forced smile and clenched teeth on Sunday morning?

That's funny! To me, anyway, because life is funny. That's why the funniest shows are the ones about things that really happen in your family life. Ahhh, now I feel better, laughter is the best medicine!

Many, if not all, of my Sunday morning problems and obstacles could be eliminated and prevented with better planning and more prayer on my part. So, a lesson is learned then, and the heartache and frustration of being "left" behind this morning will not be wasted.


Well, another week has slipped through my hands like sand. It was a pretty good week. No matter how good the week is I always look forward to the weekend! Yay, for SATURDAY! Our weekend started off great with a Friday night campout in the living room for Michael and Jack. Jack bunked in his Buzz tent and Michael moved up to the couch to save his back. Jack was so excited. Saturday morning started off great too with orange cinnamon rolls and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Andrew ate 2 and a half rolls! Jack was full of jokes (they only make sense to him though) and we all laughed and had a great breakfast.

The boys had planned a whole "Guy's Day" together. Michael and the boys went to go do some stuff together then bring Andrew back for his nap. Then Jack and Michael headed off to see Cars, the new Disney movie incase your head has been in the sand. While they were out, Jack got a new pair of tennis shoes-his first laceups, and a Cars t-shirt so he could wear that to the movie. They even had lunch at McDonald's together.

While they were gone I did laundry and cut out some things that I've not had a chance to sew. Two pairs of shorts were completed for Jack, and I cut out the Madagascar fabric for some pj's for him too. Andrew's things will come sooner than later I hope.

All in all, it was a good day.

Idol Substitute

Have you found yours yet? We were talking about what shows we would like to TiVo when Michael gets it set up. I can't remember the ones Michael said he was interested in except it was about an office, I'll have to ask him about that. Anyway, I found a "reality" show that I'm hooked on and hope it stays clean so I can see it through the season...How to Get the Guy. I was telling Michael about it and he has since watched it with me, and we both enjoyed it. I felt embarrassed to admit that I liked it so much and couldn't explain why as well as I wanted to. Michael said, "Sure, I can see why you like it. It's like a one-hour chick-flick once a week." He's right. That is exactly what it is. The characters are likeable, some are interesting, the setting is beautiful...San Francisco-hello, and there is the hope of romance. (That is why I'm hoping it stays clean. We all know what sells.)

Anyway, here's my TiVo wish list if we ever get ours to work:

1. History Detectives, PBS http://www.pbs.org/opb/historydetectives/

2. Keeping Up Appearances, PBS


3. the new Agatha Christie series I saw a commercial for on PBS http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/

4. How to Get the Guy, ABC http://abc.go.com/primetime/howtogettheguy/index.html

5. Treasure Hunters, NBC http://www.nbc.com/Treasure_Hunters/

6. Divine Design, HGTV http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/shows_hdivd/0,1804,HGTV_10736,00.html

7. War Stories with Oliver North, Fox News


8. Paula Deen, Food Network http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_pa

9. Road Tasted, hosted by Paula Deen's sons, Food Network http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_rd/0,2857,FOOD_26716,00.html

10. Design Inc., HGTV http://www.designinc.ca/ts/

11. good old movies that AMC used to show all the time

I think that's about it. Except, I'd add a couple for the kids too that we don't get to watch b/c of the time they come on: Bear in the Big Blue House, Max & Ruby. Funny thing is, I laugh when I think about having these shows tivoed and still no time to watch them! Oh the irony.