Signs of Spring...

  • Today is the first day of Coach Pitch for Jack.

  • The days are stretching their arms and reaching further into evening's personal space.

  • Jack and Andrew's long sleeve shirts aren't long enough; pants are preparing for a flood; and little piggies are squealing for more room in their shoes.

  • The trees are budding, I saw a dogwood in bloom the other day.

  • The Azaleas are ready to burst forth in full magestic bloom.

  • The tulips are in bloom over in Fay-uh-hope.

  • I have a sudden urge and strong inclination to declutter and clean everything in sight.

  • I'm eager to put away those heavy winter clothes and see some some familiar warm weather hand-me-downs reappear in the drawers.

  • The sun is a little brighter isn't it? The air seems crisp and fresh too.

  • I'm already wondering how springing forward an hour is gonna play out with our baby boy's unscheduled-schedule.

  • The grass is showing signs of new life. I heard a lawn mower the other day too.

  • My mind's eye sees us at the beach playing digging our toes down into the warm white sand.

  • My calendar's Saturdays are wearing game times (coach pitch, USA, and LSU baseball games) and I'm looking forward to being out at the ball park with my guys eating peanuts and catching some foul balls.

  • Did I mention the tulips have bloomed in Fay-uh-hope?

I have a strong case of Spring Fever. Don't you?