Once a month, I get to play Bunko (aka bunco) with 11 wonderful people. Sometimes it can be hard getting there, evening knowing a month in advance when and where next month's game night is. Murphy's Law of Bunko says that on the day of Bunko you should expect children will get sick, notes will come home from school, husbands will work late, and you'll have a headache.

Now, Murphy's Law of Bunko does not always kick in, thankfully. However, last night, it did for me. I almost let myself succumb to the events of the last 24 hours. Had I done so, I'd have stayed home and had a pretty normal night with the family with the exception of caring for 2 ill children. But, I went, weary, looking worn out...but with brushed teeth...I went. Now, I'm glad I did.

To those I spent the evening with, I thank you for accepting me as I was. I know it may have seemed like I had taken 2 doses of cough/cold medicine too close together...but I promise you I had not. To the ones who had to help me keep up with keeping score...I thank you. To those who let me lament over the struggle I've had the last 24 hours...thank you. To the ones who helped me to see the humor in my lot and were laughing with me...thank you. To those of you who celebrated my 2 Bunkos...thank you. To all of you there last night, thank you.

I am persuaded that whether we know it or not, we need Bunko...in some form or fashion. A night or other time, scheduled, planned, and prioritized to simply be with friends. Like minded company, to share our day with, to laugh with, people who will help pull you up out of the duldrums and dust you off then send you on your way better than you were when they found you.

To my Bunko friends, thank you, I appreciate you! Even when I lose, I win just for having been with you.

P.S. (By the way, I still think we should add a prize for the real loser...the one whose scores in all categories are so mediocre that they do not qualify to receive any of the prizes and is therefore the loser of losers. Even though this is usually me, I don't suggest this selfishly. However, it would be nice to get a prize...sometimes! ;)


That felt good.