We Are Officially Sick

Sick, sick, sick...we are sick and have been for a full week. One by one, like dominoes, we are succumbing to whatever bug Andrew brought home from a Wal Mart grocery cart. I'm almost certain of where and when he picked up this bug because we've avoided Mom's-Day-Out and the church nursery since the flu plague began in our little corner of the world about a month ago.

Alas, my efforts to quarantine, disinfect, and sterilize anything & everyone I could fell short. Curse you buggy!

We have runny noses and wheezes, coughs and sneezes,
whininess galore...that's not all, there's still more!
Drainage on tummies brings vomiting so yucky.
Fevers that skyrocket every 4th hour,
ears that are ringing and make Andrew howl.
Cyring and fussing, Jesus help keep me from cussing!
They're tired, I'm tired, we're all sick and tired too...
Please pray for us, but stay away from us, or this could happen to you!
Wash your hands, cover your sneezes, cover your coughs too!
Did you germ-x? Are you sure...cause I didn't hear you?!?!
Don't get in his face, no you cannot kiss him today!
Please don't even breathe this way! Shoo!
Two trips to the doctor, 2 children in tow,
that's four copays and six prescriptions,
and now my bank account is low.
We'll do as we're told, follow our Rx to the tee,
round the clock breathing treatments with baby and me.
Maybe this antibiotic, its number 2, will work its magic and then
all will feel better and be over this dreaded bug that is within.

My Mom made a table to help me keep up with who gets what medicine and when. It has been so helpful. Since then I found a site online that has similar tables you can print, for free, to use for home medications. Just look for the links for medication checklists. Here's the site:

I'd also like to give kudos to "Airborne". For coupons, go to the website http://www.airbornehealth.com/ (Or try the store brand at the store you shop at. I've seen Wal-Green's and Target carry a generic storebrand of Airborne.) I do believe it has helped Jack keep well among all of this sickness he's been exposed to at home. That, or he has a really souped up immune system. Hang in there Jack! You can make it!

Thank you to my mother-in-law, mother, and friends who've helped us with children, cooking, cleaning and the like! And God bless all of you in your efforts to stay well!