Early this morning...

My little Andrew (3) is a rascal in every way. However, Andrew has a softness in him, a need for deep affection and reassurance that surprises me at times. As rough and tumble as he is, he sure can snuggle close and give such sweet loves. Most nights he will be the last boy in bed, then the first to wake up in the morning. How does he do that? He is like clock work, before 7:00 am...he is up and announcing to us "IT'S SUNDAY!" (whether it is or not...if the sun is up, it is Sunday to Andrew)

Well, our Monday night ended after Tuesday morning began. 1:12 am was when I laid Will down and then put myself to bed. So to me, it was early this morning, 6:40 am exactly, when Andrew climbed into bed with me. He snuggled up to me and put his hand in mine. I was still sound asleep and vaguely aware of what was going on. Then I slowly began the ascent out of my fog, and before I opened my eyes I realized Andrew was caressing my right hand and patting my palm. He would put his hand in mine then close my fingers around his hand and squeeze them both together. What a wonderful way to be called into consciousness. What a wonderful way to be told, "I love you Mommy."

I love you too Andrew, with all my heart, to infinity and beyond.