Wont' you be, won't you be...please won't you be, my neighbor?

Well we've been in our new home for one calendar month...today! It is starting to feel like home, gradually. I have to get pictures on the walls and put out my "knick-knacks" and then I guess it will be done.

We love our new home. I love the yard and am looking forward to tweaking things in the flower beds in years to come. I can already see a little vegetable garden in the back, some hydrangeas, some azaleas, bridal wreath, dog woods, gardenias, lillies, althea, and some other things I like...all in my mind's garden notebook...finding a home in our yard.

The boys love the slope of the driveway, they fly down on trikes and scooters...in the kitchen I hear, "wheeeeeeeeee!" & "wooooo hooooo!" as they streak past the window.

We've met my left-door neighbor. Today I saw the first sign of life from my right-door neighbor. A green suv left out about 15 minutes ago. Which got me thinking...we've been here a month and they haven't even said 'hello'! Now barring any seriously unfortunate circumstances...I don't know why they haven't come over to meet us. After 2 or 3 weeks, we went knocking on their door...no answer. We had gotten a piece of their mail and thought it a good opportunity to meet them.

The folks across the street from us...in all 3 houses...are active in their yard and only one has dared to offer a slight wave back at us.

I love our street. For the most part all the homes are well kept, and the street is fairly quiet and most folks drive slow. I just can't figure out why no one has come to us to say "Hello, I'm your neighbor." People in Mobile are always quick to say one of the reasons they like living in Mobile is how friendly people are. Now, I am not saying Mobilians are unfriendly. I am saying this; in all 5 subdivisions I've lived in we've been the ones to go out and initiate introductions with our neighbors after we've moved in.

Should I, the new neighbor, bring the plate of cookies over too?

Growing up, we were one of the first houses on our street. So each time a new family moved in, eventually we were herded up by Mom and Dad to go and "meet the neighbors". I do remember Mom taking something with us to give to them a time or too. So, as those opportunities have come up in our lives, we've done likewise.

I guess I figured by now, people would have dared to cross the street and at least been curious to see who has invaded their neighborhood!

That's just a shame in my opinion.

Forget about being hospitable...what about being safe? Just knowing who belongs and who doesn't can keep you safe in your own neighborhood.

There, I'm down now. Let me slide this soapbox back under the desk. Ok, that's done.

I love my new home. My coffee even tastes better here.