So, Its Come To This...

I didn't get past the first page of Fox News's site without seeing 2 interesting articles right off the bat. They didn't have anything to do with the Olympics or world affairs. Nevertheless, they sum up where we are socially.

The first article I thought was going to tell me about an event that happened in my region of the country or even my city for that matter. The headline reads Horrified Shoppers Watch as Fight Over Mall Parking Space Ends in Stabbing. Wanna take a guess where this happened...don't peek at the link yet...Sydney, no not Sibley, S-Y-D-N-E-Y as in Australia. Not even in the South. Thank goodness, not for the victim of course, but our stereotype didn't need any help now did it?

As I clicked on the link I realized I was wincing, waiting to see the words, "Mobile, Alabama, Bel Air Mall, or Wal-Mart". I do suspect that such an incident could have very well happened here. I've been given the "bird" because someone thought I "stole" THEIR spot. I've also had MY spot stolen and gotten upset...over a parking spot?!?!


The worst part of the story is that the victim didn't even "beat out" the other guy; he was sitting in his car already parked when knife guy comes along. Apparently too impatient to wait for the spot or just (here's a thought...) find another one, knife guy gets out approaches parked car tells him to hurry up, gets angrier, goes to his car, gets knife and attacks parked guy who had gotten out of his car. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!

I just hope this doesn't give anyone any bright ideas in my neck of the woods.

Okay, second article...This one I can relate to. I've never done this, but have considered it. Remember those long car trips where your Dad wouldn't stop to let you "go", even if he'd have stopped there didn't used to be an exit every 5 miles with a gas station anyway. So, you hold it, wiggle...finally you find yourself squatting on the side of the road trying to hide in between the car doors? Yeah, me too.

Well, apparently some motorists in (again I was wincing watching for my city/state or nearby neighbors to be embarrassed) OREGON are relieving themselves in their vehicles into plastic bottles then tossing them out the window. Why you ask? To save gas! Seriously, that's what it said. Headline Urine Bottles on Highway May Be Due to Drivers Too Concerned With Gas Prices to Pull Off.

If they get caught its $250. Now, I'd just pull over and squat...what would you do? Not good for Oregon, but I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that for today the stereotyped South has been spared.

Tomorrow is another day.