8 Reasons Why I Am Not a Successful Blogger

I am a wannabe. I wannabe a writer...among other things.  Today though, I'm lamenting the fact that I am not the writer I wannabe.  So, I've been wasting time in the vast void of cyberspace perusing the internet  looking for resources to inspire, help, and, well magically give me what I want.  

What I found instead was an article called The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers. 

8 habits. Sooooo, if it takes 40 days to make/break a habit, I'm looking at 320 days to become a better blogger.  *sound of crickets chirping*

Anyway, like I said I found this article and I'm gonna break it down point by point...habit by habit.
1.  Effective bloggers are prolific.  "Great bloggers put serious time into researching, writing, editing,  and planning posts for their blogs."

Ok, see time. I don't even have time to finish this post. Time to go pick up 9.5 from camp.
I may or may not return to finish this, soooo, don't hold your breath.