Going to Carolina...

not only in my mind...on a real plane~all by myself~how will I survive?~looking forward to the hum of the plane~and even the layover~yes, this is what it has come to.

Top 10 Things I will & won't miss at the same time (yes it is possible):
10. (did you drum roll?)  changing diapers!
9.  breaking up/refereeing contests of brotherly "love"
8.  laundry
7.  bodily noises you can only imagine being made by THE most precious boys E V E R
6.  little people crawling into my bed at hours of the morning so early they are unspeakable
5.  little people insisting that the only way they, or I for that matter, will get any sleep is if it happens in my bed
4.  little people
3.  hearing my "name" or variations there of, repeated a multitudinous number of times 
2.  being in my "own" space
1.  being with

I'm taking my pseudo~shuffle loaded with listenings, a book...or 2, and an infinitesimal amount of liquids.

See you soon! Buh-bye! Bye now! Buh-bye!

wonder if they still give peanuts....