Will Speak

Time and distance does that whole making the heart grow fonder thing to me when I've been away from my boys.  I've missed the sound of my little ones voices.  

The stinkers.  

Michael and I always have fun laughing at the funny things they say.  We have fun telling you the funny things they say too.  Michael and I also find that more and more often we are asking each other, "What was that funny thing he said the other day?"  

no, I am not old...just distracted...and busy...and the mom of 3 boys...the very busily distracted mother of 3 boys who could be President one day...the boys...not me

I have also just learned how to do voice recordings on my "new" :) laptop (aka Snoopy).  I plan on having fun with this feature and capturing some of the funny things they say.  I might even share a few with you.  If you're nice. AND if you say you're sorry for calling or even THINKING me old a second ago. 

Thank you, you are quite forgiven.  We are still friends.

Pause the music first.

(its over there, on the right side of the screen Mom...the blue box...hit the pause button...the one that looks like a sideways equal sign...ok an up and down sideways equal sign...yes, that one;)

So, here's Will, who is always hungry, and is almost 3 in 12 days, asking for a banana. 

you're welcome