A 10 Spot for Fall

Happy Fall Y'all

1.  Fall is my favorite season of the year, and although it is correct not to capitalize the seasons of the year...I like to.  Fall! It's here...whether weather whether weather it feels like it or not...it is FALL y'all!

2.  I love Mums, oh yes I do!  The bigger the better too.  I love the rusty orange color and I love the bright golden ones too.  Those are my favorites.  AND I give them a crew cut & replant them when they are through being pretty at the front door.  THEN they come back in the spring and summer  Spring and Summer next year.  Wonder if Joanne has hers out yet?  

3.  Fall is when I break out the crock pot.  Yes, I do know they work all year 'round, but I like to use mine in the cooler months of Fall & Winter.  The recipes I like the best for crockin' are Fall-ish, that probably has something to do with it.  Least I'm not crazy like my friend who won't use hers when she's gonna be out of the house...she thinks the house will burn down.  I'm not saying it couldn't happen.  I'm just saying, least I'm not crazy like her.

4.  I think nature should have a light switch for weather.  We should be able to flip the switch on the first day of Fall and WAHLAH, have Fall weather!  Low humidity, temp no greater than 78 F, and a nice little breeze...how's that sound?  And that way next Fall when my Jack bounces out of bed dressed in sweatpants and a longsleeve t-shirt and announces to me, "HAPPY FALL MOM!"  (like he did this morning) he won't be disappointed when he steps outside.  Or, we could move to the mountains!  Or foothills of mountains.  With pretty Fall color like THIS:  

5.  Time to get a pumpkin latte y'all! 
bake pumpkin cake...

  make some pumpkin soup...
Roast pumpkin seeds...

6.  And decorate your house all purty like for F A L L!
(this makes me sad...my Fall decor is in a box...somewhere in the bowels of our storage unit...sigh...next FALL...unless Jesus comes back first!)

this is our patio...in my dreams...this is our patio

7.  Another favorite thing about Fall is...


Yes I did just geaux there!  Who do you go for?

My 2nd all time favorite football memory:  A couple of years ago a good friend I grew up with and I went down to see friends tailgaitin' on campus and see if we could get cheap tickets to the game.  We visited and ate our friends food, then we walked through the quad where I found, laying on the ground, looking like a "Jesus track", a one hundred dollar bill y'all!  SCORE!  Round the corner was a guy selling tickets, 2 tickets, face value!  We had a great time cheering for our Tigers. 

8.  I love to listen to "September" by Earth Wind & Fire on September 21st.  
Do you remembah? 
The 21st night of Septembah?
Say that you remembah...
Dancin' in Septembah...
Never was a cloudy day

9.  I think Fall is the BEST time to go salin'...GARAGE SALIN'!!!
And Fall Festivals G A L O R E!!!! can you say free candy???

10.  Fall is full of days that we celebrate family.  In our family we are chockablock full of birthdays and anniversaries from September through November.  We love to celebrate and I look forward to celebrating in special ways some special people this Fall.  Hey, get this, I have 3 sisters in law...2 of which are named Shannon & they both have the same birthday!!!  Different years, but same day in November!  How cool is that.  Michael has a birthday too...
& that's his 
Reeses Peanut Butter Hershey Kiss 
Birthday Cheesecake

like I said...

Happy Fall Y'all

Photographs are from Southern Living(recipes and food pics and fall trees and the patio and mag cover), Pottery Barn(table setting), a google pic of a Starbucks latte, and the rest are mine.