Playing Ketchup

Playing Ketchup, or Catch-up to the rest of you.  To us, well, to Andrew its ketchup, and it has stuck.  So, I'm playing ketchup today and sharing it with you...whomever you are...I see you...right there, yep, this is for you. :D

He's Baaa-ack!
Long time ago, back in the first part of this month, my Dad (aka Papaw) came home for Labor Day.  This caused such a stir on the homefront with our little squirts!  They love Papaw.  It is a great thing, a boy's love for his grandfather.  I think they love him because he plays ruff with them, takes them to Bass Pro Shop & Cabella's where they shoot up stuff and eat fudge, and because Papaw tells them cowboy stories where they are the heroes riding the range tending to cattle and protecting the ranch from bears, wolves, and the like.  In these stories they each have their own horse and gun and the run of the ranch.  My boys love these stories.  I do too.  You see, I was once a heroine in them myself.  Sigh, those were the days.  Anyway, Papaw's arrival had to be heralded in some kind of big way.  After talking them down from yard inflatables, search lights, flashing signs, and such they set to making a "welcome home" sign.  I helped a little in outlining the letters...the rest was all them.

Then, all too soon, it was time to go to the airport so Papaw could fly back to SC for work.  BUT, he'll be back soon!  And we'll pull out the welcome home sign again and party like it's 1999.

Speaking of partying...my Mom and Dad celebrated their 39th anniversary this year, 2 days before my Mom had her mrmph birthday!  So, we got a cake and had it when Dad came in.  This is the cake....

and this little vulture was on it like white on rice.

This is the specialty cake Ambrosia Bakery of Baton Rouge makes, THE strawberry cake, simple...yummy to the 100th power.  Somebody else have something to celebrate soon...cause we need some more of this cake!