hello world!

The Better Part has a global audience??? GET OUT!!!

What's that saying...the proof is in the pudding?  Well, apparently, the pudding is getting around. I wish I had a stamp for every location someone has popped over here from!  How cool would that be?  It'd be like a blog-passport! only in reverse...'cause I didn't go anywhere, they did the cyber traveling.   I wish I could get a comment from some of these visitors from afar! 

My imagination is so piqued by these stats.  I know, I know, they are not anywhere near what some of the big time bloggers get, but STILL.  I know people only in 1 country listed!  Guess which one that is...

I wonder what led you here to my neck of the woods...what were you looking for and accidentally stumbled across this little piece of cyber space...are you spying on us? Kidding, totally kidding.  but, are you?

In middle and high school the top 40 radio station would take calls from kids "checkin' in" representing their school, or area, or party they were at on Friday night after high school games were ending.  The calls would go something like this:
Caller (usually a girl with a high pitched excited voice): HEY! This is Brittany from  Woodlawn              checkin' in Woooooo!!!!!!
DJ:  What's up Woodlawn!
DJ: Hello WQRT (these are fake call letters to throw you off in case you're spying on me)
Caller:  This is T.J. (there were lots of T.J.s around at that time) and we just beat the you know what out of Woodlawn!!! Yeah-boyee!

So, checkin' in and Representin' is Canada, the U.K., France, China, Australia, Germany, Russia, Italy, and Turkey!
HOLLA  and I give you 2 snaps up! No, make that an around the world and back snap!

By the way, I know NO ONE in these amazing places!  Well, except for Sara Richardson; oh Canada, how'd you get so many great designers?  One day I hope to visit each of these countries and get a real stamp on my real passport.

Well, whatever brought you by, I'm glad you came.  You are so welcome anytime.  If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake.  I'll put some coffee on (cafe'? or tea for you?) and we can visit.

Happy Fall Y'all!  From my hemisphere, time zone, and side of the ocean to yours!