pickin' and grinnin'

Every Friday, after co-op (homeschool speak for classes you do in cooperation with other homeschoolers) Jack has guitar with Mr. Ralph and a few other kiddos.  For some reason I always call Mr. Ralph "Mr. Frank"...I can't stop, I know he's Ralph, but Frank comes out.  

The kiddos love to hear and watch Mr. Ralph jam.  He loves to do it for them too!  He can really cut loose and go to town on a guitar.  While he's jamming, the kiddos go into dream world and you can see that they've transformed from mere kiddos into rockers themselves and they "air jam" right along with Mr. Ralph.  The facial expressions they make are killer.

guitar class Oct 1 from Wendy Hogan on Vimeo.

The moms take turns staying late for the lesson.  This was my chance to stay and get some pictures.  I got to be that fly on the wall that we all wish we could be, once they forgot I was in the room.

This group of kiddos is pretty cool in my book.  They've been so friendly to us newcomers and I think the boys are making fast friends.  See how normal we homeschoolers can be? Shocking.

The class was rockin' and rollin' right along until...

got pick?