Lafayette Childrens Museum

If I'm anything, I'm flexible.  Just call me "Elastigirl".  My ability to adjust, go-with-the-flow, and adapt is but one of my super-human faculties.  Faculties that sometimes throw my not-so-go-with-the-flow men for a loop.  Faculties I had to employ on the situation at hand this morning...

Let me back up a bit...we switched out our summer attire for cool weather duds yesterday thus ensuring Summer's awakening from its cat-nap.  You may have noticed the effects of our unannounced actions.  Switching out your summer clothes for fall clothes in these parts all but guarantees getting Summer all stirred up so it can go out in a blaze of glory.  

The situation at hand was "Field Trip Day".  Ah yes, I...we...love field trips.  We take them frequently as homeschoolers.  The world is our classroom and today the intended classroom was the Audubon Zoo; by the way, last time I went to the Audubon Zoo they all asked for you. HA!

However, due to Summer's last hoo-rah it was just too warm to walk around the zoo.

So we went west to Lafayette and visited the Lafayette Childrens Museum.  It was new to us.  It was fun.  It was crazy.  It was a rip-roaring good time.  It was in the A.C.  You feel me? AC.
this is me without AC

this is me with AC

Who would you rather spend the day with?
Even Elastigirl needs her AC.

Well, that's one way to make bubbles...

and THAT's another!

My 3 even made big bubbles...and not in the tub this time. 

Lafayette Childrens Museum from Wendy Hogan on Vimeo.

All that bubblin' fun can sure make a body hungry...
3 Brothers Cafe: the next 'Triple D' sensation.

makin' groceries @ the Winn Dixie

We finished up at the museum and found a fun fro-yo shop.  Our little whippersnappers love making their own yogurt at these charge by the oz shops.  The yogurt dude made us guess the weight of each cup for a promo that the fro-yo shop is doing...guess the weight of your cup exactly and it is on the house.  Guess what...we didn't get free fro-yo.  Paid fo fro-yo is better than no fro-yo...you know.

Aaaaaannnnd of course we were in the middle of the Whiskey Bay portion of the bridge when jr. decides to tell us he has to "go".  Sorry lil' dude, you gotta wait.  Wait he did.  This is what we found at our pit stop...

guess what his name is...

raise your hand if you said Tony...you would be correct

guess where we found him...

raise your hand if you said the Tiger Stop Conoco...you would be correct

raise your hand if you think an animal this magnificent shouldn't 
be in a cage at the Conoco...



did i scare ya?
had to end on an up note