A 10 Spot Mountain Style

So, sometimes big things come in small packages.  Then sometimes big things come in even BIGGER packages. Which is sort of how I like it...kind of like cheese and more CHEESE, butter and more BUTTER.  This preference of mine doesn't apply to frosting/icing however.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to us with love from Mom & Dadt (the best darn parents a kid ever had) was a big trip for the family to COLORADO!  We stayed in a nice condo...house...chalet-ish residence in Keystone.  Without further ado, a 10 Spot Mountain style...

1.  First plane trip with 3 kidderoos. Uneventful departure from NOLA...return flights were an adventure!  They did great and it was fun for them and me.  I can still hear them hollering like they were on a rollercoaster as the plane sped down the runway each time we took off! WHEEEEEEEE-HOOOOOOOOO-YEAAAAAAHHHHHH!
Andrew knows the Boeing 737 inside and out.

Heading home he slept the whole way to Austin.

Approved electronic devices were made for such a time as this.

You can't tell, but he is sitting on the row in front of me by a REAL Australian.

2.  Altitude sickness is real.

Altitude sickness does not affect kids.

3.  Everything is bigger in Colorado...the mountains are bigger...the snow is bigger...the fireplaces are bigger...the icicles are bigger too.

Oh, and the fire hydrants are bigger too.

4.  Wherever you go, there you are...and you'll probably see some LSU fans.
Condo in Riverun Village

5.  Snow angels are fun.


6.  Snow is cool. It makes things look pretty. It makes kids even cuter.
It even has beach like qualities...Destin anyone?
Just like kids...it can be messy too.  Its a trade off, you take the messy with the cute.

7.  In the mountains, just like in the South, there are sub-cultures...snowboarding is one.  These kideroos ripped some pow pow and had a gnarly time on the slope.

8.  Come on we're going on a SLEIGH RIDE!

9.  Mountains are big...BIG.

10.  Warm is good.  Warm hats.  Warm pants.  Warm coats.  Warm gloves.  Warm socks.  Warm boots.  Warm blankets.  Warm thoughts.  Warm cups of cider and cocoa too.

Keystone was great!  Can't wait to go again.