A 10 Spot for Saturday

  1.  3 boys in the yard: 1 is sending my RC Monster Truck down the slide and following behind it head first; one is quaterbacking the championship game with a good hand towel tucked in his belt; the 3rd is wailing "he punched me right here" and he punches his own stomach in demonstration.
  2. The dishes are done.  The laundry is a close 2nd.  The tree...well, the tree has lights.
  3. Here they come...screen door slams.
  4. We are slap out of toilet paper.  I should be out fetching some right now.
  5. Screen door slammed...there they go...with bath towels to slide down the slide on???
  6. I haven't gotten a picture or plan for Christmas cards.  Will this year be a no card year?
  7. It got warm-ish today.  I had planned to make my award winning chili today, but, I'm rethinking it now.
  8. Co-op is done meeting for the semester.  I heard a lot of moms saying they're glad...we, however, will miss our social connection with the rest of the "world".  What will we do on Tuesdays & Fridays?  I made cheese straws for the Christmas party yesterday...they were almost all eaten up.  I was glad we had a few to bring home.  I'm rationing them out.
  9. My 2 oldest sons have birthdays fast approaching...the middle kid is going to be 6 on the 16th and the oldest punk will be 10.  Last year for Christmas they got bunk beds, and big brother got the top bunk.  We promised middle kid he'd get the top bunk starting on his 6th birthday.  He survived so I guess he's top dog now.
  10. Today I hope to: A) get the rubbermaids full of clothes I never got-around-to selling on Ebay out of the living room once and for all...until I get around to selling them on Ebay.  B) to find Satsumas on the back doorstep at my parents' house; I hit the neighbor up for some from her tree.  C) to get toilet paper.  D) decorate the tree.  Not necessarily in that order.
The End, 
Happy Saturday the 11th to you!