gears Gears GEARS!

Um, we homeschool, just so you know.  And I like to pick the brains of moms I meet that are homeschool savvy and have a few more years in it than I.  I also like to people watch and get caught staring a lot.  I'm just learning, observing, constantly taking in information from my surroundings. Seldom do my stare-ees see it that way, to them I'm just some girl who is staring at them giving them the heeibty jeebities.  squirrel So, sometimes, probably a lot of times, I might come across to other homeschool moms as...hmmm, what's a good word here...pesky.  Yes. That's me.  The pesky frosh h.s. mom.  Anywho, being pesky can have perks...I learn a lot, I get funny looks, and well people remember me.  "Oh, yes, I know her, she's that pesky one that asks all those questions. And stares."

Ok, so, I absopositutely do NOT have this whole homeschool thing down.  But, I have learned a trick or two.  Today class, I'm going to share one with you!

Pesky Homeschool Mom's tip of the day:
To help your school day flow with ease and keep your children engaged, have on hand things that aid them in productive, imaginative, and educational play.

Good huh?  

So, there's this company, Learning Resources, and they make this toy called Gears!Gears!Gears!  And they are, in a word...AWESOME.  I know that word is perpetually overused, however, it fits the bill here and I shall use it anon.  They are AWESOME. seriously.  So here's what I got...well actually its what Andrew (6) got for his 4th birthday...a set of Gears!Gears!Gears!  Contained in their own boy proof storage bucket.  Later, on another occasion he was gifted with this set.  We've never been the same since.  The boy is amazing!  He has loved these sets and created some amazing things and he learns about how things work, planning, tweaking, problem solving, etc. all while having a blast!  And now he's the big brother teaching his little brother  all his tricks. BONUS!  In this case it is anyway.  Other cases, not so much.

So, if you have some little ones who need something to do with their little hands...something that will hold their interest...something that is fun...doesn't make freakish sounds...and even lights up...you should totally check out Gears!Gears!Gears!  They are one of the best tricks in this pesky homeschool mom's bag.

Untitled from Wendy Hogan on Vimeo.