got junk?

I’ve noticed how some bloggers make apologies for extended periods of time when they don’t blog.  I’ve also noticed how most “professional” bloggers don’t.  I don’t think anyone’s life has been affected by my absence.  I don’t know if I could’ve made things better for someone, made things worse for someone, changed the world, or authored something so profound that much ado would have been made of it.  I just know I’ve been busy y’all.  Oh, didn’t I mention?  We moved.  Yep.  Again.  Meridian, MS.  Did you know that Mississippi calls itself “The Hospitality State”?  It does, and you know what...it is!  If you want cookies from TWO neighbors, fresh cut bouquets of flowers from a neighbors garden, invitations to egg hunts galore...packest thou up thy junk and movest thine hither thither.  We have been warmly welcomed by people whose homes we looked at, the hotel staff, our garbage men, our new neighbors, people at garage sales, people at the flea market, people in every store we’ve been to (they know we aren’t from here because of how we talk different).  Seriously, if the Mayor comes by to say howdy tomorrow it wouldn’t surprise me. 

So, you probably know the drill.  Wrapping – packing – taping – loading – cramming – boxing – taping – packing – loading up – moving out.  Then unloading – unwrapping – unpacking – uncramming – untaping – unboxing – moving in.  Where’s the___________?  Have you seen ______________?  Should we put this here, or over there??? Where should I put stuff in this kitchen that I haven’t made friends with yet???  i. am. so. over. it.

Then there’s the day or two when your plumbing backs up.  The day you got so homesick you’re not even sure which home you were sick for or of, you just cried.  The day you wondered will you ever learn where things are in this new town because even the gps gets it wrong.  The day you had to tell your baseball lovin’ 10 yr old son we missed the deadline to sign up for baseball that passed before we moved.  The day somebody asked you where you moved here from and you’re not sure anymore...am I from the town I lived in for the last12 months and a few days...or the town you lived for the 13 years before that...or the town you grew up in...which is the town you were in for the last 12 months and a few days.  The day you had to get a new driver’s license made, for a state you have no connection or loyalty to.  The day you realized that everything on your shopping list is stuff you can’t get here, and the closest place to get the stuff is 80+ miles away to the west, east, or south (there’s nothing north except Memphis)...and then you decided you didn’t need the stuff on that list anyway to make yourself feel better...then you pretended like you were June Cleaver or your grandmothers in the olden days and are thankful you have automated washers and dryers and such set your list aside until you could load up the wagon with the younguns and go to town.

So, its been real. I’ve been enjoying exploring, there are some neat-o small town things around.  I’ve even had some time to go “junkin’”.  We’ve hit the Hwy. 45N flea market.  It’s open everyday but Wednesday.  Now you know.  I found some goodies too!  My most exciting find was a math workbook for Saxon Math 1 for a whopping $5, brand spanking new!  Take a look at these treasures we snagged...

I was told this was a "bell pull".  It is hand done needlework.
 I loved the colors and flowers too. Not sure how to display it yet either, any ideas?

Then we went down a road I hadn’t been down before and it was calling my name.  We didn’t go far before we found an “antique mall”...old gas station converted into junker’s oasis.  Look at these goodies I got for a song...

See the lamp? Isn't it great? I love it.
That's the treasure in this picture, well the one from the "antique mall" anyhow.
It's warm and cozy and welcoming in the foyer.

Second hand stores, salvage stores, deep discount stores, thrift shops, flea markets, antique malls, yard sales, hand me downs, and the curb are where we get our stuff.  (except for mattresses and shoes...we don’t do second hand shoes and I’ll only take a good mattress from family second hand).  I like the hunt and I really like the savings.  In fact, I just glanced around our family room where I am right now and all but 1 item came from a place listed above.  It was a “splurge”.  I got a burlap table cloth from Ballard Designs, on sale, with a coupon mind you, a few years back.  EVERYTHING else was either a hand me down, goodwill and the like, or a deep discount store purchase.

Here's a few more recent finds:

 This fixture is from BCH Outlet in Hattiesburg $7, this has 2 lengths of extension rod to add to it, so these (we got a few for our open "hall") could find themselves over an island in a kitchen one day.  Like these pictured at a favorite blog:

chair and table from Goodwill in BR ~ to be painted one day

also from BR Goodwill :) i <3 orange

lamp on deep clearance at TJ Max ~ the bands are a burnt orange/rust color :)

Dirt Cheap ~ and it was

BIG fork and spoon from roadside antique store south of Hattiesburg &
H is from a dear friend.  All were dark before I painted them white. They
are on our kitchen wall above where the farmhouse bench will go soon.
These 2 pieces came from an estate sale in BR before we moved, they too will be painted...one day.  The dresser, along with the matching mirror,  will go in our middle child's room and I'm not sure about the other. 

I've got to figure out what day is “big trash” day in my new neck of the woods...I’m wondering what kind of curbside treasures I’ve missed back “home”.  How bout you?  Picked up any good “junk” lately?  You can see what others are finding and maybe find some creative inspiration of your own at Southern Hospitality's Today's Thrifty Treasures link party!  (I can't get the link insert to work so here's the address:  http://southernhospitalityblog.com/bringing-back-thrifty-treasures-party/)