Nature, nature, everywhere

In recent news, Jack made it through to "Mindy's Room" on XM Kids and got to play 2 Realsies and a Whopper, it got cold again, and Andrew received this....

as an Easter gift from his Nana & Papaw.  It has consumed him.  First, incase you don't know what this is, this is the "Live Butterfly Garden" from insectlore dot com.  We had to send off for his live larvae.  Which meant the 7-10 longest business days were ahead for my middle child.  BUT on the blessed day when those little larvae arrived, JOY burst forth from all 40 pounds of my nearly 6 and a half year old with the force of a might fount!

These are the larvae on Day 4. 
They've doubled in size since arriving Monday.

He has watched over these larvae, caterpillars, like a hawk.  He has memorized the instruction papers.  He is absolutely convinced now that they indeed are not d.o.a.  Which they did seem to be.  These caterpillars spin silk, live in their frass (look it up), climb the walls of their cup (sending Andrew into a frenzy that a chrysalid is about to form...b/c they do this at the top of the cup...duh). 
                                                              Oh and they grow!

This is Andrew on alert. 
He has been carful not to let anyone get too close to the caterpillars.
Did I mention they are all named?
  1. Godzilla
  2. King Kong
  3. Dude
  4. Andrew
  5. Superman
                                   Andrew (the boy) is the only one able to tell them apart.

To date all is well with the caterpillars,
and only we've only had one known occurence of shaken cup.

News from the front porch:

These uninvited guests of spring don't pay rent, are messy,
and break all kinds of noise ordinances.

Yes, ma'am. I'm talking about you and your babies.

She isn't too fond of having her picture taken.
And she leaves the nest whenever I come out on "her" porch.
How rude.

I can see-eee you.

Miss spring-thing can keep those babies in-line though.  As soon as she leaves the nest, their bobbing headings go down out of sight and they don't make a peep.  She sits in the bradford pear just off of her porch and makes a distinct "stay down and keep quiet" chirp. 

She's mocking me.  I just know it.