Willow Ridge

Today a new chapter begins!  I'm going to take a stab at my own entrepreneurial adventure.  Something I've been thinking about. Praying about.  Hoping would happen.  Now it is.  

I'm starting small and cheap.  Like free cheap!  I've been accumulating some furniture pieces I've either had or have recently acquired as well as some accessories too.  The furniture is often going to be something I've refurbished/painted.  I've listed a couple of things on craigs list under furniture listings for Meridian, Hattiesburg, and Jackson MS and am keeping my fingers crossed!

Eventually I'd like to open a space in an antique mall here in Meridian.  It's called "The Atrium" and its worth a stop if you go for that sort of thing and are passing through Meridian.  There's not a Starbucks for 80 miles but there is a good antique spot or two.  Go figure.  Anyway, I'm #45 on the waiting list as of 2 weeks ago.  I'm hoping I move up the list quickly and get a space to sell my projects and finds.  

When that day and time comes, I will certainly be spreading the word!