A Friday 10 Spot

Once upon time, a long time ago, I could fill up the tank of my Mom & Dad's car (an '86 Camry) for $10 bucks. I lie not.  Ah, the good old days.  

Anyway, here's a 10 spot for you this Friday.

1.  We got rain! I can talk about the weather, and get excited about it, even if I'm not old.

2.  Old isn't old even if you think you're old.  Cause usually somebody you know is older.  If you don't know anyone older than you, then you are everybody else's old.  So you are.  Old.

3.  I recently had a birthday and am older now than I was.  Profound I know.  I am now old enough that I get called "ma'am", that's been going on for some time now.  hiss~boo.  I'm also a smidge bit older than a few good friends and I absolutely do not like that.  I'm also a lil bit younger than a dear friend...that I like.  And my husband, he's a tad older than me, also good.  My brothers are not.  They are both younger.  I resent them for that fact.  Youth is wasted on the young.

4.  I did not make my birthday cake this year! :)  Thanks to Nana Janet, I love you!

5.  I'm going to go into business for myself.  Something I've always aspired to.  I used to dream about opening shop with a friend, we'd talked about a lunch place/gift~interior decor shop.  Alas, it hasn't come true yet.  So, once again the dream has been revived and I'm going to start selling furniture and neat odds and ends that I "fix-up" & or paint.  Tracy even added a "furniture" tab up at the top of the blog to show the pieces I work on.  I've been trying to find a way to sell locally and it looks like for now I'm going to be listing on Craig's List.  I'll link to them as I go.

6.  "I puts plastic on mines.  You look like one that just does fabrics 'doh."  What the nice lady at a dime store fabric counter told me yesterday in Philadelphia, MS.  We were talking about slipcovers for chairs.

7.  Philadelphia, MS looks like the Mississippi version of Mayberry...but with 18 wheeler chicken trucks passing through the center of town.  I wish I'd never seen an 18 wheeler chicken truck.  Or smelled it for that matter.

8.  A celebrity commented on my blog!  I'm giddy over it too.  She's my kind of celebrity too, not the kind on the tabloid covers, not the kind that makes the evening news.  Curious?  You can check out her wonderful blog The Polished Pebble and see for yourself!  Let me tempt you with a view of her garden...

The Polished Pebble
and a little taste of her decor...
The Polished Pebble
How's that to whet your appetite?  

9.  It really is a small world.  Meridian is a small town, even so, its been 3 months and I'm still learning my way around and trying to make new friends.  But I met 2 wonderful people this week.  Sylvia of Moonbeams Vintage in Collinsville, MS and a friend of hers named Blair.  I found Sylvia from her card at The Atrium Antiques Mall located in Meridian in an air conditioned storage center.  If you're in town you should visit both!  Anyway, Sylvia has the coolest shop and she paints furniture and goes junkin'.  Kindred spirit indeed.  I visited her shop and met Blair.  Blair paints furniture and has pieces in Moonbeams Vintage as well as Embellish (a shop in downtown Meridian that I have not been in b/c they are always closed when I've tried).  Anyway, in talking with Blair we discovered we'd both lived in Mobile.  Lived in the same neighborhood (Country Club Village).  AND went to the same church, Dayspring!  Another kindred spirit. :)  Then I found out she is TEN years younger than me.  TEN.

10.  Too quiet?  What's that?  The boys were in Mobile since Monday evening and they just got back this afternoon.  It has been a quiet house.  That is a faded memory now.