Wicker Makeover

Before we moved I made one last run by Goodwill to see if there were any treasures to be found.  I knew it'd be awhile before I could again since Meridian has no Goodwill.  Well, they have goodwill but not a Goodwill.  Sad, isn't it.  Sure enough, I found this wicker set!

As you can see in the picture, the clear coat finish has faded significantly...moreso on the chair than table.  Other than that this set was in great condition and priced $39.00.  I balked a bit at the price, asked if they could lower it, they said no, I bit the bullet.  I'm glad I got it.  We needed seating and I knew I'd find a way to fix it up nicely.

Enter Annie Sloan chalkpaint!  I got my hands on a few different colors:  Old White, Antibes Green, Aubusson Blue, & Paris Grey.  For these pieces I used Paris Grey with a bit of Aubusson Blue mixed in and thinned it with water to the consistency of maple syrup.  The following 2 pictures are of the chair after being painted with this mixture.

Next I mixed a bit of Paris Grey with mostly Old White, again thinning with water to syrup consistency.  The following pictures are of the chair after being "white~washed".

The table was painted the same way.  Soon I hope to be able to get a cushion for it.  I'm also hopeful that soon I'll be selling pieces that I find and makeover.  I miss shopping the curb on "big trash" night since that's one more thing Meridian doesn't have.  They do have Salvation Army & garage sales.  In fact, they have the longest yard sale in America...well at least the start of it anyhow.  That's where I scored a couple of wicker lamps my mom treated me to.  Their makeover has begun and I'll share that soon too.  

But isn't this an improvement in the wicker set?  Now this set reminds me of the beach...which is where I'm headed.  

Happy Weekend!