If you love something...

To update you on the butterflies we adopted and raised from pupae, they are no longer with us.  We loved them.  We thumped on their cage.  We named them.  We fed them.  We released them.  All but 1.

Four of the caterpillars emerged from their chrysalids last Monday night while we slept.  I had hoped their timing would have let us see them emerge.  The fifth didn’t make it all the way out of the chrysalid which became its coffin.  Survival of the fittest.  Bonus learning opportunity.  Lemonade from lemons.  Four out of five ain’t bad.

So, Thursday was the agreed upon day for the release of the 4 surviving butterflies.  It was so funny how they took turns departing as if to be giving us a fond farewell. 

Afterwards, there were a few tears from my “immovable warrior”, he is tender hearted and just didn’t understand why he had to let them go.  He leaned into me and watched for them to come back.  I told him I didn’t think I will understand (willingly) when it comes time for me to let my butterflies go either.