Going Public

Well...so much for the free space at an outdoor flea market.  Oh, I had a space.  A lot of space.  I was the only vendor there.  Only 4 people stopped.  I wasn't what they were looking for either.  Then it rained.  A lot.  

I did meet a nice lady across the street.
I did read.
I did doze.
I did take pictures.

I did not sell a thing. 

So much for my debut...there's always next time.  So let me show you a few things I've snagged.

Last weekend, Mom and I did find some bargains at Goodwill~Birmingham.  Then Friday I scored at a garage sale here in Meridian.

This table and the lamp below were purchased for $12 at the same sale.  Its leather top had melted wax and stickers stuck to it.  Since the stain was red, Red, RED I painted it with AS Graphite and used the red as a base to show through in distressing.  The dark wax deepened the Graphite and gave a nice finish.  This time around the dark wax wasn't as problematic as before over the Paris Grey/OW media cabinet. 

I used a damp rag to wipe off the inset brass and reveal the gold scroll on the leather top.  I may have a new favorite color!

At Stacey's class last weekend in Birmingham, a few girls painted brass table lamps with Graphite and waxed them.  They were so pretty, I mean right out of a magazine pretty.  So, I've been itching to do my own Graphite lamp.  When I laid eyes on this lamp right away I loved the shape.  I'm convinced that brass is gonna be back big soon (even if its not viral its back with me...in moderation mind you:).  This lamp would look great in Graphite, don't you think?
So I commenced to painting.

Then I saw this label. 

 I hadn't noticed it when I wiped down the lamp.  As soon as I saw it I commenced to wiping off the Graphite paint I was slathering on.  

Are you familiar with Stiffel lamps?  As a kid in the 80's I remember my mother admiring Stiffel lamps and wishing for some of her own.  I googled Stiffel and was pleased to see they are holding their value.  I'm talking $100.00 or more for a similar lamp!  Ca~chiga!

I couldn't find one on ebay etc. in the same bamboo-esque shape as my $6 lamp, so that makes it even more special!  I'm gonna give it a little TLC but keep its finish as is.   Like I said, I loved the shape and can already see the perfect shade in my mind's eye topping it off.  Would you have painted it? 

This hall-tree was a great get at the Goodwill in Birmingham.  It had a dark red/cherry stain and was a little wonky.  So, after a wipedown and disassembling it, I painted it with AS Chateau Grey.  I did a light bit of distressing and then clear waxed it.  

Here she is, straight as an arrow and wearing her new grey suit!  Whistle if you like...she's hot!  
You know what, on second thought...Chateau Grey is my new favorite color.

If you are in the Birmingham area, the Goodwill at Greensprings & Oxmoor had some great end tables, $5 lamps in brass, and a beautiful antique piano.  Lots of neato stuff there for fixer uppers like me!

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I've got a neato bicycle project to share this week.  AND I'll be showing you a closer look at the lamp I did in class painted in my new favorite color...Duck Egg.  AND it is sporting a new shade!

Happy thrifting, fixing, & painting!