Lil' HELP!

Help me Rhonda!  Or even you! If you can!  Remember when you were a kid playing kickball (or whatever) and the ball gets past you and you holler out "LiL HELP!"  And then kids drop what they were doing, hop off of swings, abandon the tether ball, hit the ground running off the slide and toss the ball back to you.

Well, this one has gotten past me and I'm calling out to you..."LiL HELP!" 

It all started here, with this media cabinet, and it looked like this when I brought it home from the Salvation Army.

Then I painted it (Paris Grey & Old White) and clear-waxed it and it looked like this.  
And we liked it.

Then I started thinking about the AS dark wax.  And then I started thinking it would look more "drift-woodish" if it was dark waxed.  So, when I got back from Birmingham and the AS class I took I dark waxed it. And in artificial light it looks like this...

Not bad.  But this happened...in several spots the wax "erased" itself and became muddy. On the front of the cabinet (see above) you can see some white/light spots where the same problem occured.  On the side (see below) you can see an area that is lighter under the top and just left of the front edge, it is almost pie/wedge shaped.  The interior edge of the problem spot is dark and muddy looking.  (The enlargement is a bit grainy, I hope you can see what I'm talking about though.) 


I had to pounce with the wax brush to get any dark wax color to go back on that top right corner area and it  just isn't the look I'd hoped for at all.   I want to love dark wax too! 

I get by with a lil help from my friends! :)
So, whaddya think? How~why did this happen?  What did I do wrong?  Anyone? Bueller?

Lil' help?  

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