Business or Pleasure?


You know those "lucky" few people you know or have heard of who actually do what they love for a living?  Well, my hobby isn't providing a living but it sure has started to pay for itself!

Michael and I were DIY'ers before DIY was even a blip on the acronym radar.  We've done everything from redo floors, paint walls, furniture refinishing, slipcovers, strip paint from doors and windows, wallpaper, lighting, landscaping...and more.  We learned from our parents and a lot of trial and error too.  If blogging had been something I knew about in the 90's our little DIY cottage would have been one to blog about.

That said, my favorite projects have always been along the more decorative lines of painting/sewing/furniture.  Here lately I've had the opportunity to dust off the sewing machine, grab some paintbrushes and go to town.

Last weekend I was fortunate enought to have gone to a class on chalk painting in Birmingham.  I met some wonderful gals and had fun learning how to do what I love...paint!  Here's a glimpse of what the class was like.

This lamp base started as a plain white Martha Stewart lamp.  Infact, Stacey got it at a thrift shop for the class.  I painted it "Duck Egg" and then used the clear and dark waxes to distress and seal the paint.

This is Stacey.  She was great and so knowledgeable. 

To show us how to us ASCP to get a crackled finish, Stacey gave us 
pieces of molding that we painted Graphite. When dry, we slathered on a lighter
color and used heat to make the wet top layer crackle.
Here is a cabinet with the crackle paint.

Susan is fixing up her daughter's place in Tuscaloosa, its her college house and it is 
gonna be so fine when she is done!  I saw a fabric swatch Susan used to select a paint color for her lamp.  I think this started out BRASS!
Painted in Arles with the dark wax going on, this lamp
is gonna be an eye catcher!

Attendees from July 16 chalk paint class.
A couple of the ladies have blogs too.  

I've also discovered a vast network of people who do what I do because they love it too!  It's nice to know you're not the only one!  Even better when you can learn from those who have much to offer in the way of experience and wisdom.  Chalk painters/bloggers are some of the friendliest people I've met who are willing to share with you what they know.  AND many of them share give-aways too!  If you're interested in seeing a lovely blog/shop of a talented designer and painter click on the button below.  Robyn is hosting a give-away fo TEN ASCP colors!

I have a great opportunity Saturday to sell at a flea market in my own booth space...for FREE!  I'm on a waiting list at an antique mall in Meridian and am hopeful of having a shop space there soon.  But to be able to sell from a rent-free space in the meantime is such a blessing!  I'll show you my wares tomorrow!