life at the speed of Hogans

Jack: "I can't do my math."
Me: "Why not?"
Jack: "Because it says, 'No pens/pencils' on my braces sheet."
Me: "Go do your math Jack."

Naptime. Will (3) is reading me a story about farm animals. You have to guess which animal is hiding on the next page from a few descriptive facts about each animal.
Will: "I live in a mess. I wear feathers. I eat eggs. Who am I?"
Me: "I don't know who are y..."

Andrew to his Daddy...
Andrew: "When I grow up I want to be the first missionary to Russia."
Daddy: "Really!?"
Andrew: "Yeah. And when a man comes up to me and tries to stop me I'll get my sword and chop him down."
Daddy: .....:0.....
Andrew: "And then I'll tell him about Jesus."

What's new?

Jack got braces!

Last picture without braces for...well, awhile. 
He was so pumped!

Hey Jack!

"Jack, can I put this on my blog?", I asked.
"mrmph", Jack said.


First picture with braces!
I love that kid. <3 He makes me :)
Andrew is playing "t-ball"!
And loving it!

Jack's been helping out. 

Go Andrew Go!

And Will...well, he is just so good at being Will.
He'll have a birthday soon.  
How'd we get there so fast?


happy ~ thursday

(bike "ride" project coming soon)