Everybody's Doing It

We are all waiting on something.  
A job.  
A car.  
True love.  
Downton Abbey.
A pitch.  
A pass. 
The kids bedtime.
A light to change.  
Opportunity to knock.  
A lab report.  
A phone call.  
A text, email, or tweet.

Some of us are even waiting on someone.  
The driver in front of you.
A new life.  
An old life.  
The cashier.
The doctor.  
An adopted child.  
A contractor.  
A student.  
The DMV person.
The kids.
A spouse not quite ready to go.(AIS a la Raymond anyone?)  
A parent.  
The mailman.  
A soldier.  
An airman.  
A marine.  
A sailor.  
A loved one.  
A friend.

You get it.

We are all waiting.  Some tolerate it.  Some not so much.   Some abide in the wait.  Some are restless and striving.  Somethings are worth the wait.  Sometimes the wait is worth it all.

This is common to every human. The Donald waits.  He doesn't like it. But still, he waits.  

What are you waiting on? for?

Some of us are super good at waiting until the last minute.  What's that saying...
"If it wasn't for the last minute I'd never get anything done."

If the boot fits.

I'm no expert on waiting.  I do it a lot though.  I'm just not good at it.  I know someone who is though.  He waits with purpose, patience, and love.

the Lord waits to be gracious to you  
Isaiah 30:18

So, since I'm no expert and I'm currently in a wait of my own, a holding pattern...waiting to land.  Family in tow.  Children restless and loud.  Just waiting.  I'm gonna do what I enjoy most.  People watching.  But just mainly one person in particular.  I'm gonna pay more attention to what He did and how He did it. I've noticed He's good at waiting.  His timing is bang on perfect too.  So when He moves, we'll move, when He says wait...we'll just wait.  And people watch.  

I used to think waiting was being still and twiddling your thumbs.  B o r i n g.  Then one day it struck me.  Sitting in a restaurant it hit me.  

The busiest people in here are the waiters.

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