The Better Part Podcast Episode 1: Lindsey Raymond & Refuge for Women Las Vegas

Well, my first podcast for The Better Part is in the can!  I'm so thankful my friend Lindsey was willing to spend time visiting with me so that we could all be encouraged and inspired by her story.  

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Lindsey will be helping fundraise for Refuge for Women Las Vegas and connect people in her community to the work being done.  Take a minute to like their Facebook page Refuge for Women LV and please support and share their work!  If you're on Twitter, follow them at @lvrefuge4women

If you're on Instagram, you can follow Lindsey @lindseypraymond as she shares posts for the Causegear campaign and other things she's up to.  Shop the fundraiser campaign at www.causegear.com and choose "RFWLV".  {It looks like there's a free shipping code for the US through July 5 too!} 

I appreciate how open my friend was with us in sharing her personal faith journey and her determination to connect to what God had for her to do in this new season!  She shared with us how along the way The Lord was so good to continue to affirm the calling He'd put in her heart: prayer, reading His word, and being in discipleship with friends and through teachers equipped Lindsey to be sure of her calling and move in obedience into something seemingly unknown and new. The thing is y'all, whole hearted trust in The Lord...in His unfailing faithfulness and believing He is 100% GOOD...that fuels our obedience.  It doesn't mean we always have the answers and logistic details figured out up front though.  He's got it.  He knows the plans He has for you!  Grab a journal and jot down those big things you're praying about, one day you'll be able to look back and read them again while you hold the answer!  I have been so encouraged and challenged to dig in, trust, AND obey! Action verbs for the win y'all!

Inspite of losing our Skype connection and the first part of our conversation, we got the good stuff!  AND some fun in too!  One thing we missed though, was a fun chat about introvert/extravert and AMBIVERT! Here's the link to an article about being introverted and extraverted that our friend Rebecca linked us to earlier this year

Here's some of the fun things we are interested in or using at home!  Let me know if you already have these fun things or if you try them out for the first time. 

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  • Harry Connick Jr. on the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack 

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Before I say good-bye...thank you Lindsey's Dad!

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