The Better Part Podcast Episode 2: Osheta Moore ~ Shalom In The City

It almost feels selfish.  You know that saying about doing what you love and finding a way to make a living at it?  I can't say, "I can't believe I get paid to do this!" YET.  And I don't know if a paycheck could make my job satisfaction any higher or not...it'd sure be a nice perk I guess.  That may never come and that's ok by me, because the real perk is connecting with amazing women living life like they are called, purposed, full of life and love and passion! 

THIS is my job! Making friends.  It is pure J O Y.  

Let me introduce you to my new friend Osheta Moore.  She is married to T.C. and they have 3 beautiful children.  They are a family on mission and work as pastor and church planters.  Osheta writes her blog, Shalom In The City, and is also a contributing writer to other publications.  We met in the Noonday Collection ambassador community and I'm so glad she gifted me with her time! Y'all.  That's my love language.  (Actually, all of the languages are my love language.)  Spending time with me is what fills my heart and my friend heart is overflowing!  We spent 2 hours together and it flew by! 

We just picked up with each other and for me, it felt like I'd always known her.  This is the friend I'd get together with whether our kids were with us or not! She is a treasure. Our conversation is a study in just reaching out, connecting, taking a chance on making a new friend.  I actually sent Osheta a voice message and asked her out on a friend date!  I'm so glad she said yes.  

Our conversation just took a life of it's own and I hope you'll join in the conversation with us!  Here's some links to things we talked about in the first part of our conversation.  (The second part will be episode 3 released next week!)

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I'm sure there's more out there, so let us know if you find a good one! 
But be careful on the W W W kids!

So, this was the first episode I ever saw of The Office.
Hated it. 
What was your first ever Office episode? 
Was it love at first watch?

That darn cat.

Good news Virginia! Santa Claus AND ambiverts are real!
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Although we can neither confirm or refute the accuracy of your results if you take this quiz.  We can confirm it's probably gonna be more fun to take with a friend! Take yours and share your results with us then check in for episode 3 for the rest of the conversation with Osheta and hear our results!

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Don't forget the rest of our convo will be in episode 3! We'll pick up right where we left off and you'll get to hear our quiz results!

Take care y'all!