The day we made a stand to take a stand.

Sometimes when The Lord gives you a glimpse into something big, I mean BIG, it's hard to know what you can do...where do you start...can you really make a difference. Then, if an opportunity isn't immediately convenient, time shrugs and things don't seem to matter, nor do things have the same urgency, and you don't feel connected. The glimpse into a clear vision of purpose fades into a memory tinged with guilt. Anyone ever felt like that?

Isaiah 43:19 "Watch! I'm about to carry out something new! And now it's springing up— don't you recognize it? I'm making a way in the wilderness and paths in the desert."

He will help you perceive the work He is doing. Keep your eyes open and make the most of open moments of time.  That's what we are learning to do! We are trying to look beyond our bubble of routine and kid things and tiredness and such. We're trying to practice this and make up for lost time in a way.  In a way that is like an addict, we do this because one simply cannot get enough of the joy that comes in living like we really are the hands and feet of Jesus on earth. We hope our kids look back and see how normal it is to do weird things like make lemonade and take a #standfororphans.  On one of the hottest days of summer. In Mobile.  So hot. Perfect weather for thirsty. 

Here's how this went down.  I happened to see a post by Lifeline Children's Services Friday night on the Facebook about July being "stand for orphans" month. So, spur of the moment people that we are, Saturday morning we set out with 4 gallons of lemonade and prayed in the car on the way that our desired location would be ok with us setting up on their sidewalk. They were not, but their neighbor was! (Hello Pump It Up in Mobile!)  (Also, don't be like me, call your intended location ahead of time and ask permission!) Please know that this was not like Ward and June out with Wally and the Beave. Nope. It was the opposite. There were moments y'all. We had moments. Thank you Jesus for redeeming our moments! We need thee every hour! Now, SMILE like you mean it!

In the 2 hours we spent actively greeting strangers and offering them a cold cup of lemonade on one of the hottest days this summer $105 & change was donated by generous and thirsty folks. We got to meet their need for something to quench their thirst.  When was the last time you quenched someone's thirst? It is immediately gratifying to see them refreshed and hear that "Ahhh" after they have wet their whistle. That was pure joy for us! This guy was very thirsty. He sweetly came back for a refill for his wife and told us, "Y'all picked a great day for lemonade!"

In 2 hours we purposed to engage in friendliness, to step out of our air conditioned comfort zone and say "Hi!" to strangers and introduce them to the idea of standing up for orphans. Many responded with interest, concern, and some even expressed great appreciation. A few were once children who had been lovingly adopted! Imagine sharing that moment with a stranger? You see a stranger, smile, wave and say to them, "Hi! Would you like some lemonade? We're taking a stand for orphans today with Lifeline Children's Services​ and just want you to know about their work."  Then the stranger says to you, "I WAS ADOPTED! Thank you for doing this!"  Yeah. That was something I hadn't even thought about, it was a gift, a surprise, a treasured moment.  See Ms. Jan in the red, she was one who said that!  Also, the boy there, he's our youngest. That's Will. 

In 2 hours we heard too many "no, thank you"s to count. Some even pretended not to hear us or see us.  One lady, who we knew, went one row of cars further away from us then walked all the way to the end of that row of cars and then doubled back up a different row to her car which was parked near us.  

Don't we all do that? Yes. Yes we do.

We choose not to hear. 
We choose not to see. 
We decide not to engage. 
We purpose not to feel. 
We go to great lengths to avoid anyone asking something of us. 

I have done all of those things. 

Let's practice. Let's actually prepare to stand & do the standing! Let's not get all the equipping, be sure of our calling, and then just sit down. What if we did actually go ahead and take a stand? What if we were bold? What if we stepped out in faith? What if we did something weird on Kingdom purpose?

 Maybe it's a lemonade stand this month with Lifeline. Maybe it's having people over. Maybe, it's going to Haiti, Uganda, New Mexico, or across the street for heaven's sake.  Whatever this thing is for you, let me tell you something for free, Jesus doesn't intend to keep it a secret from you. Ask Him to show you.  He will actually do that! You'll know the thing. I'm thinking you probably, maybe, might already know.  Go ahead, take the stand and put your faith into action. {Insert Nike slogan here.} You will not believe the joy that comes from living that faith out! You will become addicted to that and that's good. Let that be what reminds your brain that this is what it feels like to function as I was purposed. 

Listen, can't you just hear the thirsty being refreshed...Ahhhhh! That's so good! Just what was needed at just the right time.

These guys. Can you handle their cuteness! The bookends are my Will and Andrew. These were my favorite customers, they were so friendly and generous!  We talked about orphans and they know the things y'all! They said to tell the orphans, "HI! We know about you and people love you!"

So, if y'all want to take a #standfororphans with Lifeline Children's Services this month here's the link to find out more information and register your lemonade stand. Go ahead, MAKE A STAND FOR ORPHANS! 

ONE Video from Lifeline Children's Services on Vimeo.