Episode 3 The Better Part Podcast: Osheta Moore~part 2

Wanna know how to tell if you really dig spending time with someone?  Well, when 2 hours fly by and you still wish you had more time with that someone, I'd say that's a good sign!  Osheta and I did this crazy quiz together and it really took us into some fun things, deep things, and stirred up memories that we shared together too.  So fun!

The first part of our conversation lives in episode 2 of The Better Part Podcast on iTunes. You can see the show notes in this blog post.  Be sure to visit Osheta's blog, Shalom in the City too!

In this episode the quiz takes us into history and geography!  I can confirm that the Grand Canyon is indeed all in Arizona. Lucky you AZ! I also shared with Osheta how much I liked Ken Burns' documentaries.  IMDB has his extensive filmography, click on his picture to check it out.  I also learned he shares my Mom's July birthday.  Happy Birthday to my Mom & Mr. Burns on the 29th!  I've learned a lot from both of you, but Mom, you're hands down the best human I've learned anything from! And you didn't test me or grade me. (Suddenly I'm remembering research papers and geometry proofs.)

This is Ken Burns.

One of the fun things in that crazy quiz was a question about how you get to work. Motorcycle was an option. Neither one of us hop on our motorcycles to get to work. I pretty much swing my feet over the side of the bed and away I go! To the coffee maker. You know what though, both of our dads rode a motorcycle at one time or another.  I got my mom to dig up a picture and I thought I'd share it with y'all.  

This is my mom and dad.

Osheta wanted to share one with y'all of her dad too, but y'all, her grandmother passed away this week and she wasn't able to.  Please be praying for my friend and her family as they are really missing their beloved grandmother.  She shared with me that she remembers her grandmother loving her and others with the love of Jesus! That is a great treasure, a legacy of faith. 

Some of my favorite things about Osheta are: her laugh, her authenticity, her heart for others, her love for Jesus, and she says "skeezy". 

How are y'all connecting with friends this summer?  Share with us on social media or here in the comments. If you go social, use the hashtag #thebetterpart so I won't miss it!

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Have a great week!