Football Fever Food Fun Friday Five-spot

Can you feel it?

Keep your pants on Marky Mark.  


It is still hot here but there's this...juhnuhsayqwah in the air.  You know?  It's just a hint of something.  

It's time!  

Get out the Kan-jam, corn hole, & put your flag on the front of your house 'cause it's time! 

Run on down to the Winn-Dixie and get some grilling meat and fixins 'cause it's time!

Let's get a little bit rowdy! R O W ah D Y!
if I knew how, I'd put the little twitter bird on that so you could tweet me.

Brush off your two bits and squeeze it into last years favorite team shirt 'cause it's time!

This is not the weekend to do anything more than clean the hall bath if people are coming over 'cause it's time!

I'm ready.  I'm more than ready.  I've got our shakers at the ready.  I've watched the hype videos of more teams than just my Tigers, and I still say ours is the best.  I've got my gameday food planned and my youngest boy's soccer game is at 8 a.m. so there is NO conflict with either of our games tomorrow.  Yes.  We are a divided household.  But we love Jesus. 

Listen, if you're not ready, that's ok.  This is not Pinterest.  We aren't even in the same zip code as Pinterest, okay.  All you really need is some concession stand food.  How easy is that?  Hot dogs? CHECK  Nachos? CHECK Coh-cola? CHECK  You can eat right on Sunday.  Don't get out the steal-your-joy-yard-stick-of-comparison and miss this celebration.  I bet you have some good stuff in the pantry you can pull together for game day and your people will LOVE you! 

That's what I did today when it hit me...TOMORROW IS THE DAY.  Here's my go to Five Spot for gameday!  

1.  First, tonight, gameday eve, I'm making The PW's Sloppy Joe's.  This is critical, because our gameday Frito Pie will be made with the leftovers. #winning

Photo by P-Dub

2.  Gameday heart check.  Time to unwind.  Keep it light and easy breezy cover-girl today mama.  You did your week.  Time to chill.  Have fun!  Remember the gamedays of your youth and enjoy a little nostalgia.  Tell your kids a story or two about the olden days of college.  (Who's remembering a story or two that might not get told? me too)  Go ahead and indoctrinate your youths!  Instill in them your spirit and affection for your team/alma mater.  Teach them your fight song and favorite cheer! Get the Crayola markers out and do a lil face paintin'!  See if anybody scopes the halftime show and watch it with the kids.  Sing the alma mater post game! Every last minute of the game...savor it. 

3.  Gameday fashion.  Listen, I know some places dress to the 9's for gameday and it's just how you roll.  It's hot y'all.  Full on hair and makeup will just melt and slide off of you any way.  I say be cute AND cool.  I am also speaking from the perspective of already gotten my MRS. so a little of that pressure is off.  Okay.  A lot of that pressure to be on point is off.  Still, gameday can be easy breezy casual cool for you girls.  You'll have more fun!  

Phew, I made it...I crossed over into Golmorgdorf or whatever the bad place in Lord Of The Rings was...most of the people call it Pinterest...I went there and did a screen shot of a search for gameday outfits because I was brave for you dear reader.  What I saw looked exactly like all of the cute coiffed co-eds owning it at every gameday I've attended, except the pictures weren't melting into puddles of perspiration.   I will hand it to Pinterest though, there's actually tabs for teams so you can hop click right to the colors you need for your gameday outfit ideas.  Anyway, go there or don't.  As for me, with a projected high of 93º and 69% humidity, I'll be sporting my spirit in my purple and gold gameday necklace & earrings & an arm party; my favorite white linen tunic with some khaki shorts and flip flops is how you'll find me. amen.

My favorite Noonday Collection pieces for my gameday style.  Link in sidebar. 
4.  Look, the weekend is gonna fly by.  They almost always do.  Now that it's football, I think they'll go even faster!  So I'm looking forward to NEXT gameday already!  The games get better.  The rivalries get more intense.  Conference games are counting and we need things like a Hot Pimento Cheese Dip recipe to ground us.  

I found a great food blog that is just delicious.  Every thing this gal puts out makes me feel like one of Pavlov's dogs.  Robyn will NOT steer you wrong and I would trust her for any or all of my gameday tailgate menu.  You have to check out her recipes, then come tell me what you loved!
Gameday #2's gonna have some of this in it! Hot Pimento Cheese Dip. amen

5.  What's that? You say you're just not that into college football...well, I don't know.  You. Do. You.  We will love you just. as. you. are.  (Weird and all.) 

Happy Gameday Y'all!  I'll share a few pics of our family gameday tomorrow over on the Instagram @endyway.