We Dancin' On The Ceiling!

Strike up the band!  It's time to dance!  

You know this one...it's the one where all the people are signed up and doing all their things and there's more people doing things than there are licensed drivers and hours in the day.  Fall Baseball, soccer, football, school stuff, yewt group, and a new bid today for a run at the local kid theater troupe's Christmas play. 

Before you, "It's just a season!" or "They grow up too fast! Blink and they'll be gone" me, just hold what you got right there. You should know this is not my first rodeo.  This season of parenting is punctuated and pepperd with kid busy-ness. And we love it!  We are our kids' biggest fans and being in the thick of this epochal season with them is exactly our favorite place to be.  These are the days we were made for. 

Nevertheless, our collective family life has gone from this..

to this...

You feel me?

I mean, I JUST filled in  my July 2015 - June 2016 day planner this weekend for the remains of September and all of October.  Procrastination is my super power. The writing is on the wall; I saw the days ahead where we are double booked for the same hours.  We have to know our parts.  Somebody's got to lead.  Lord, turn the beat around!  I'm gonna need my my-my-my-my boogie shoes.  There'll be dips and whirls!  Arabesques! Plies! Shuffle-steps too!  
Now I want my 1970-something long dresses to do some twirling too. 

I keep looking for a pattern to emerge.  Some order.  Some rhythm.  Maybe color coded entries are the ticket.  I should get new colored pens. 

Good thing we all like music and dancin'.  Looks like we'll be whippin' and Nene-in' with some serious stanky legs until oh say, Thanksgiving.  

Come on!  No parking!  Dance with me!

Electric Slide


Boot Scoot Boogie

Teach Me How To Dougie

Cabbage Patch for good health!  Work. It. Out. 

Dancin' on the ceiling,