Episode 8 The Better Part Podcast ~ Jacey Verdicchio

In this episode of The Better Part Podcast my guest is a new friend, Jacey Verdiccio.  She is just a darling delight in every way!  Jacey works for Naptime Diaries and hosts 2 podcasts: Around The Table and Influence Network Podcast.

Jacey writes at her blog, Jacey Verdiccio.  She is a natural encourager and shares, in her own words, topics that "will revolve around daily life: career, money, productivity, faith, family, social life, and, of course, how marriage intersects them all".  If you are interested in checking out some of her main posts on these topics click here!  Connect with Jacey on Instagram here. 

Though there's just a handful of years between us, one of us has reached the top of the hill, I've learned so much about being purposeful, in balancing things like money and interests, from talking with Jacey.  So much insight and encouragement passed along here in this conversation!  I hope you enjoy Jacey as much as I did!

OH! I almost forgot! We dish on two tried and true cold-brew coffee techniques:  PW's here & Elise Joy's here.  Let me know your cold-brew tips/tricks!

Here's some more links to the things we talked about, these are GOLD! 

Naptime Diaries! Click on the picture to use my referral link and shop 15% off!

Butter London's Macbeth lipstick.  Looks like the perfect coral color!

Around The Table Podcast

Total Money Makeover

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