T-shirt Tuesday!

Let's make this a thing.  Who wouldn't love #TshirtTuesday?  

It makes it super convenient for me to then say that THIS would be the t-shirt I'd pick for you! 

Or THIS one!

It's a bloom where your planted and be ready to go when He says go approach I'm employing here.  So, this fun little shirt is a way for you to come along side with your "ME TOO!" and connect, a way for you to come along side and be part of this purpose! My mind is made and I've decided to fully embrace and go for it! To be exactly uniquely who God created me to be exactly with the wiring and gifts and passion He put in me!  

Calling...purpose...that steady drum beat that may be faint at times but is always there...that unique rhythm...syncopated and maybe some psss-t of a high hat every now and then.  

I'm a regular plain Jane mom, that's my niche.  I look for encouragement from gals who are a few miles ahead of me, and I reach back to gals whose mile I've already run.  Jogged. Ok, mostly walked.  Point is I have traversed 42 years of life miles and that means something.  I have something of worth to bring to the table and you do too.  I have no idea where the final destination is short of eternity.  I am not after anything other than being one who takes Jesus's message of hope and love to others.  

How about that for a goal.  
We could be a squad of 
World's Okayest Moms
taking Jesus's love and hope to others! 

Here's the 411 on how to order for you, a friend, or your own "World's Okayest Mom":

1.  I'm taking orders through Tuesday, October 6 so I can submit payment and place the order with Fund The Nations so we can get these babies in our hands ASAP! My goal is 75 shirts.  We can do this!
2.  Shirts are $20 for sizes XS through XL, $22 for size 2XL. Color choices are red and royal blue. 

3.  Outside of Mobile, AL orders will pay $6 shipping.  By all means go in with a friend or 10 and order together and we can combine shipping for y'all at the best price by weight/zip code . 

4.  I'm collecting orders via PayPal, use wendyhogan577@msn.com to submit your payment.  Be sure to make note of the size, quantity, color, & shipping address in your PayPal form.  

If you have any questions please email me at wendyhogan577@msn.com, please put "World's Okayest Mom" in the subject line.  

I have a give away for you too over on Instagram!  So, find and follow me @endyway and I'll post today how to win one of these shirts in your color choice!

Happy #TshirtTuesday Y'all!

{insert high kick here}