Episode 10 The Better Part Podcast ~ Bethany Tran founder of The Root Collective

The best thing about my job is getting to meet new friends and share time with them while they share their stories with us.  Best job ever.  Episode 10 of The Better Part Podcast is with my new friend, Bethany Tran, founder of The Root Collective.  (Click the iTunes button on the right sidebar to listen to this episode.)  Bethany describes herself as a doer and a fixer.  She says that after her 30th birthday she watched Half the Sky documentary "and the doer in me rose up in a passion that I knew couldn’t be stopped this time. The Root Collective was born that night."  Realizing it was impossible to 'fix' the big problems facing the people of La Limonada, her perspective shifts and she begins to see the value in partnerships.
In her own words:  "The problem-solver and the doer in me had to shift directions. My desire to fix changed into a desire to partner. It was humbling. I realized that I couldn’t fix anything for the people who lived in La Limonada, but I could come alongside them and tell them that I believed in them enough to invest in them. And investment is what brings about change".

In our conversation Bethany shares the story of how The Root Collective began, how broad stewardship really is, understanding the value in sustainable partnerships with artisan businesses, and more! 

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