day seizing

Thank you November 2015 for looking so fresh and new.  From my perspective I anticipate crisp and cool days of fall, fun, friendship, and feasting!  BRING IT ON!  (Fresh off a field trip to our local NOAA NWS office I'm here to report that is not the forecast for the gulf coast. The snide laughter of meteorologists still rings in my ears. Having a caramel apple spice anyway.) 

So, November, here's to the new start you offer
 to willing hands who will take hold and 

Note: In my google search for "carpe diem" images, Dead Poets Society was nowhere.  This is not well with my soul.  So many great lines about day seizing and starting and growing up!

Goals for the new fresh month are: 

1.  Create a followable schedule for the week.  
  • This is not a calendar of events that will get plugged in weekly.  
  • This is to be a schedule.  Like in school when you register and they give you a piece of paper with your classes, the times, and locations.  A schedule so that I know on this day at this time I am free to write, podcast, paint, etc.  
  • I feel like I can follow a schedule since we did that for most of our school/college years and I hope that I can remember how to now that my post school/college years almost equal my during years.
2.  Maintain a kept and calm and quiet space in our room.
  • Within reason, not falling into perfection, I aspire to create a quiet space for cozy reads, prayer, reflection, comforting a child, and just settling in.
  • I have begun the steps for creating this space in our bedroom.  This went and goes EXACTLY like a "If you give a mouse a cookie..." story.  
3.  Celebrate and create moments of family celebration.
  • I don't even know who I am in this goal because birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments, and all moments worth being savored matter to me.  Somewhere along the way I forgot this.  I decided since it wasn't a deal to others, let it go.  
  • I do not want to "let it go".  
  • I want to hold onto, I want to savor these things.
  • I have decided that it's okay for others to not be the instigator of the savoring.  It is and shall be henceforth okay for me to instigate and cultivate savoring and celebrating! Join me.  You are invited!

So. What will you seize?  What will you start?  What will you start to begin?  What will you start to finish?  Tell me!